Inter-team Mentorship/Assistance Program

Hello, everyone!

My FRC team (6413) is currently working on a proposal for “Beak Squad,” an FRC mentorship/assistance program for teams competing in Arizona. We ran a pilot program last season that was very successful (see attached PDF). As we look to expand the program’s impact and make it more sustainable, we want to pivot the Beak Squad towards being an inter-team collaboration among the more resourced/experienced teams in Arizona to support the broader FRC community in the state. Based on the success of our pilot, I think that there is a lot of potential for a program like this. However, before we officially roll it out, I wanted to ask the community for feedback on the attached proposal. I know that individual teams do a lot of work in the area of supporting other teams, but does anyone know of a formal collaboration among multiple teams in an area towards this goal? If so, what were the results of that collaboration? What were the biggest challenges that program has encountered? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Beak Squad Proposal.pdf (24.2 MB)