Inter-team Partnerships

I believe I’ve asked about this before on here, but I thought I’d try again…

Have any teams ever formed partnerships with other teams in your area in order to fundraise, find sponsorships, share space, tools, parts, etc? I’m mainly interested in the money part of things.

If so, do you have any suggestions? Is this something that teams would be interested in doing?



If you are interested in fundraising their is now a new fundraising forum on chiefdelphi it is in the competition section

Sorry Adam, it got moved.

We helped out a rookie team last year that did not have access to a lathe, and made drive shafts for them. Also did the mentor bit. IIRC, we have made parts for other teams as well in the past.


Becoming an oldtimer....:(

erm… well…

Does it count if I met my boyfriend through Chief Delphi?

I think 263 and 271 may become buddies this year…


Our teams both happen to be sponsored by Symbol Tech.

Our rookie year and last year, we bused with anoth team to nationals to save money. Otherwise, I mentored two teams at once. Does that count?

i think this year our team is looking to join with another one in our area.