Interacrtive Display

Hi, Purdue FIRST Programs is looking into creating an interactive display for our organization. It will be a soccer game based that will use both VEX and FLL robots. If anyone has any ideas for the design, we want it 4’ by 6’ and able to be folded up and moved in the trunk of a car, then please post your ideas. Thanks a bunch


A simple maze design could work - the base could be pegboard, and you could make “walls” out of plywood with dowel rods sticking out the bottom that could be placed in the pegboard holes to make the maze. You could use squarebots alone or herd object balls. Have a dry-erase board listing best times for prizes, or give away chachkis if they beat a benchmark time (30 secs or whatever).

something like this:](

At different events you could rearrange the walls, etc. Perhaps make a block P?