interactive strategy

Hi guys, I am a rookie team member from MV, CA.
I would like to have some scenario posted here and listen to your solution of that scenario, here we go.

If one team has a machine that can pck up ball and shoot the ball with accuracy, its alliance can grab at least 1 goal to their zone and park there. And they also have good basketball shooters (not best) at the station. What would you guys do? think about the all the possible scoring method (including possible miss shooting at the station)…


you have to remember that you’ll be with someone different every match. Focusing on such a specific case is ill advised considering the number of possibilities. Although if this case came about by simple probability what you would have to do is stuff the goal in your control as full as possible and park it in your goal scoring location. Have one robot sit holding on to it the entire time whil the other one simply loads it. As time runs out run your second robot back to the start location to give you an extra 10 points and pray for the best.

sure I do, that is why I call interactive… and I was listing the best possible strategy to see if there is any solution to this. well, anyone is welcome to post theirs up…

I have to admit I do not agree with shooters, remember it takes time to get the balls and then line up the shooter exactly right. Plus balls are worth only one point. Just a couple things to think about. If you would liek to talk some more strategy give me a buzz our team would be more than happy to help.

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Remember that the human players can shoot balls from the station. Since the shooting robot is not graping the goal, it can go pretty fast and can collect 20 ~ 35 balls in 2 minutes… although all these are hypothetical talks, but some engineerer may be able to do it…

This is a great example for the use of probability methods.

What you want to do is take statistics on the accuracy and time of your shooters and ball gatherer. You then need to see how much time it takes you to drag a goal to the human player station and load it from there (you should also keep track of the accuracy). Also, take statistics on any other scenario you want to try. You should be able to gather shooting stats now (if you built a goal). If you need robot stats now, you should be able to estimate them fairly well using some calculations (such as your robot speed) and by watching some videos of previous competitions, like the 2000 competition to see how fast typical robots can score balls.

Now that you have all of this data (statistics), you can calculate reasonable probabilities of each scenario you’re thinking of trying.

Then, use the probabilities to calculate the expected value of your score using each scenario you came up with. Whichever scenario gives you the highest expected score value is the strategy you should use. You most likely know this technique as “playing the percentages” (or “playing the odds”).

I would suggest going to the library and finding a probability text book and also talking to the mentors on your team to see if any of them are familiar with probability. You can also go talk to the Prob/Stat teacher at your high school.

If you don’t have any help, send me an e-mail or a buddy message and I’ll try to help you out.