Interchangeable defensive/offensive drivers?

After our first tournament, we were thinking about different strategies to get picked for alliances, as it is unlikely we will be in a captain position. One idea was to have two different drivers, one for defense, and one for offense.

The defensive driver would be used when the alliance we were on needed a good defending bot, while the other robots scored points. The offensive driver would be used when we needed another scoring bot.

Each driver would specialize in one area, so that we could excel where we were needed most, and make the most of our driver’s practice time.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this idea?

Thanks from a rookie team,

What is the advantage of doing this over simply training one driver to be good at both? Besides, what if you needed to adjust your strategy mid match? Besides, you would only be able to train one driver at a time anyway. Plus, the “senergy” of a drive team is extremely important and you risk sacrificing it by constantly switching up drivers.


I would just train the one driver to do both. It is very difficult to be consistent with two drivers. The OP above makes the good point of mid match strategy change as well. Also you can only practice once at a time, so it makes sense to give all the practice to one driver.


No. This would get you put on a Do Not Pick list by most teams. You should have your driver drive as much as possible so that they can get better and better. Driver practice is really important. Don’t swap your driver’s.


It is almost 100 percent better to have more experience on one driver than divide the time between 2 people.

I’d say that you often walk in to a match thinking one thing and part way through the match you need to reverse your position.

To make you plan successful, I’d say they’d have to be out there all of the time. Perhaps if the other one was the HP. So you are swapping between driver and HP.

As to the other comments, my experience has been that training a driver takes years. In those years, they learn what they learn. Some will always be better at defensive manuvers or offensive. In a sense, drivers are almost more born than raised…

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I think that’s honestly the best policy for most teams!

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