Interest in Trivial FIRST?

Hello everyone! I thought I’d start this thread to just see about how many of the game Trivial FIRST… FIRST is not trivial! we’d actually sell. Assuming we straighten everything out, we intend to sell the games for around 15 dollars each. This would include a game board, 6 game pieces, 350 cards with 6 questions on each and a die. If you would explain your reasoning for not having interest in this game below it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Who would I play this with? I don’t have a lot of FIRST friends that i hang out with enough to justify buying a game that only people in FIRST would ever play, or be good enough to play.

Can we have a sample of the range of questions?

If you check here there are some potential sample questions and categories. The categories aren’t 100% hammered out yet but the last one postetd is nearly it. A full category list should be up soon.

Even if you don’t have a ton of FIRST friends, this game can be used as a team building activity or something to kill time during lunch or in the hotel at competitions. It’s very travel friendly because the game board is made of vinyl and can be rolled up or folded to put in your suitcase :slight_smile:

You can always play against yourself, too, just to expand your knowledge of FIRST :cool: Which is what I would probably do

the other thing Amanda didn’t mention was that it’s a totally professional look/feel…its not going to be something that we want to speed to finish and distribute as a desperate attempt at a fundraiser. Its going to have its own CUSTOM game board, cards, and individual pieces.

Exactly, as such it sounds like teams might be more likely to buy them than individuals. Just making a guesstimate, but the majority of the time they would be played with other team members, probably at a team function, so if the team collectively owns it that would probably make more sense to me (unless your whole family is full of FIRST folks, which mine isn’t…yet).

I would buy it, but I’d honestly only be able to play with it once. I know 2 people in person with adequate FIRST knowledge to play with me…

It’s a shame Trivial Pursuit is not Monopoly because I would pay a significant amount of money for pewter models of robots (1114 2008, Wildstang 2003, 1625 2009, etc.)

Hey I have a new fundraiser idea! “Toy car” versions of robots and replica fields!

That’s not a half-bad idea!

I would seriously play Pretend Overdrive for hours with my friends. Have an 1114 robot with a rubber band loaded shooter throwing a ball over, or a “clicky arm” for 217’s grabber, or maybe one of those drive-backwards-wind-up mechanisms for robots that fire like 16’s… I’m drooling already.

Anyone wanna figure out exactly how to do this?