Interested in a Las Vegas, NV Regional?

When my mom told me that they were thinking about having a regional in Vegas

well FIRST as far as i know isnt thinking about it. i was curious to see if teams would attend a LV regional if there was one. If we get enough teams interested, maybe we could get them to do it. Who knows, maybe an off season event instead…

IM me anytime @ JoeAssMan22 on AIM or email me [email protected]

talk to other teams about it too…


-team 987

Dude, total stereotype, ok, there may be somethings that the world doesn’t like, but it is just the same as any other place in the world. I think there is no need to single it out.

I know Mary, I know. unfortunately not everyone else does. that’s the problem.
I’m sure that if there ever was to be some sort of FIRST event in Vegas, there would be no problem getting plenty of teams to go. There may even be too many that want to go. So i wouldn’t worry about it. Gosh taking it so personally.:frowning:

I know, i am just homesick, I am sorry! I LOVE YOU BREE! MUAH, i will give you a hug on Monday. Love!