Interested in CalGames?

To all you west coast FIRST teams, who is interested in CalGames 2005?

Several organizations are working hard to make CalGames happen again, and we are interested in what teams would be interested in attending? Registration fees, dates, and everything else will be generally similar to previous years.

For those that don’t know what CalGames is, it is basically a FIRST equivalent competition of the previous years game, in this case the 2005 competition, Triple Play. The game would be played on a FIRST field, same alliance setup, same competition. Generally 25-30 teams have participated in previous years, and registration has been $300 per robot. The even has been run so far by the WRRF (Western Regional Robotics Forum). Along with Triple Play there can be a number of other challenges, like the driver challenge, robot sumo-wrestling, basically a lot of fun little events, and awards for all the winners.

It is a quick, one day event that is a lot of fun, and is the perfect way for high school robotics teams to start the new school year off. Plus it is a great way to show rookie members what real FIRST competitions are like.

With that said, any teams interested in attending, please feel free to respond and leave a team number. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me.

Thanks all.

I think Team 330 is interested. At least our Fearless Leader has been bugging me about when it is going to be. Of course we want you to set a date soon so we can get the Fall Classic date set too.

Team 814 will fight tooth and nail in order to be able to attend…Not like we’ll have to…We’re just really fired up about it…

1351’s been waiting for info. We want to come though.

Is CalGames now likely instead of not likely? 481 is interested but will need information very soon to plan and find money.

Just need dates and location. If it fits, 1147 will be there. We will have to convert our bot back from a mobile T-Shirt launcher :smiley: , but that’s just a few nuts and bolts. OK, and maybe a little reprogramming.

Organization of the event has started, and we will eventually be announcing more information on the status of CalGames. If you would like to help in the organization, please feel free to PM or email me.

Team 22 is definitely interested.

Please note, this is just to get an idea of what teams may come. Whether or not Cal Games (it may be renamed, depending certain situations) will happen, it’s still up in the air.

Stay Tuned! or you can e-mail/PM/IM me or veselin if you have questions or could help us in any way.

If needed, I can volunteer to work at the Cal Games, depending on the date. Just PM me if help is needed.

Cal Games is a tradition for 114. Definetly count us in. I’d hate to not have Cal Games this year because its the only off-season event we can afford to go to.

701 is interested, but a lot has to do with the date of the comp. We’re low on members, but we should be able to scare up a few alums to volunteer. Are there some dates that are being looked at? It’s important to have at least a month lead time for teams to plan, especially if they’re coming from out of town. Keep us in the loop.

I’ll Help - let me know when the organizing committee is going to meet.

There’s not going to be a Cal Games this year.

Multiple groups of people looked into it over the past few months, and all came to the conclusion it wouldn’t work.