Interested in winning an Ipod? Sweet Repeat raffle....

We are raffling another great item this year! :smiley: 20G Ipod. :smiley:
Both Windows and Mac usability.
Tickets are only $2 for one, or $5 for three!
Contact Susan Krussell
[email protected]
for tickets prior to Sweet Repeat.
Limited number of tickets being sold.

Can I pay with PayPal? Will you ship to Canada? :wink: This in US or Canadian dollars? roffle :smiley:

Is it the new Click Wheel iPod?

And, as FizMan asked … can we pay via PayPal,
if we can’t make it to the Sweet Repeat for some reason?

Yeah, paypal would be nice. I might throw in $10 just for kicks and to be nice to a fellow team.

Yes, I’ll ship to Canada, or anywhere else. Yes, I’ll take PayPal!!
Email me. [email protected]