Interesting and challenging Labview idea - help please

So here’s the idea. The Labview software allows input from a mic and it has many different sound analysis vi nodes to choose from so I began to wonder if you could program voice commands for the robot. I realize it would be near useless for competition control but it might be useful for showing off our robot in demonstrations. My question is does anyone have enough experience with Labview that could help me plot out what the program needs to process to understand voices?
Thanks in advance!

Chances are you would be best off using a voice recognition API. I think there is one in Vista, but I haven’t used it.

Another thing you’ll have to deal with is that there currently isn’t a built in way to send commands to the robot from the dashboard application (presumably where you would run your voice reco.) so you would need to roll your own with UDP or something.


Thank you very much I will have to try that with our software.