Interesting control methods?

Is anyone using any special controllers or control methods for driving this years robot? For the second year in a row we are using a modded logitech dualshock two controller for vibration feedback.

not really… just using the standard logitech’s that came in the KOP… we were going to experiment with an XBOX 360 controller, but our strategy forced us to use the joysticks

Team 3015’s pride and joy: the Cyborg X

Has a nice rotational axis for rotation and it allows for some nice meccanum wheel controls.

two xbox 360 controllers:cool:

Wow, that thing looks pretty beastly.

This year we’re controlling our robot with magic. :wink:

just a single 360 controller and a single KOP joystick (name escapes me right now)

Saitek’s X52 Flight Control System( ) has been one of the best purchases our team had made. Amazingly comfortable, super functional and soooo cool looking.