Interesting find

I did not know whether to post this in Chit-chat or FIRST History, so I decided to post it here, the mods can move it if they want.

So after going through the downloaded files on the refurbished computer that I got in 2010, I found a file from 2005. Intrigued, I opened it.

The last owner of my computer had downloaded some writing on FIRST robotics on his experience in the 2003 competition. I think it is a cool find, and if anyone knows the team which this person is from, or even better, the person who wrote it, I would love to know.

So, here it is:

First (1).doc (32 KB)

First (1).doc (32 KB)

Wow. In 2003, I was learning my alphabet, writing my name, and not entirely sure how to write the letter ‘b’ in the right orientation. This really gives me an idea just how long this program has been influencing the lives of kids.

That’s actually a really cool find, and it’s weird to think that that team might not exist anymore. Don’t quote me on it, though. I wonder if he’ll see this thread?

As Championships grew near certain animosities began to develop, but were pushed away, said to be stress and ignored. This would prove a fatal mistake later.

Why does the author leave us hanging? Why was this a fatal mistake? What happened?

P.S. Found the original reference post quoting this.
A quote from this is also in the Spotlights under BandChick.

Might be Matt Krass of team 263.
The details fit.
I’m having lunch with him next week. I’ll ask if I remember.

The author of the word doc is named kyle.

Most likely from team 263, the Sachem Aftershock. They’re still around and still a strong Long Island team.

I believe that this is team 173, RAGE Robotics. After cross referencing the 2003 Championship Match results and the SBPLI Regional Roster. I am not certain, but it my best guess. They made it to finals in the Newton division, but did not make it to Einstein.

This team still exists and the writer is from team 263.

8 teams from 2003 SBPLI Long Island Regional went to 2003 Championships (173, 263, 271, 311, 353, 358, 716, 871).

6 of these teams played in elimination matches at Championship (173, 263, 271, 311, 358, 716).

Team 263 is the only one of these eight who seeded in top 8 in their division. The MS Word document author is Sachem Schools, and team 263 is the Sachem Aftershock.

Do you happen to know him?

I knew someone on here would figure it out. Thanks!

This is why I love Chief Delphi. Give us a seemingly random word document, and we will within a day pinpoint who wrote it and what team they were from.

Imagine what we could do with a picture of a fish…

For those not around in 2009, the Opah fish was the mother of all game hints IMO

^ t’was an epic hint. I remember it well.

…and this is an important lesson in cleaning/clearing a computer before you get rid of it. A work computer I was given here had personal documents on it, including a diary of personal issues the intern that had previously used the computer, and slams the company pretty hard. That hasn’t even made the internet like this one has.