Interesting FIRST Fact

National Champions 2004–
71, 494, 435

494 - 2005 Finger Lakes Regional Champion
435 - 2005 NASA/VCU Regional Champion
71 - 2005 Boilermaker Regional Champion

For you “students of the game”,

National Champions 2002–
173, 71, 66

173 - 2005 Annapolis Regional Champion
71 - 2005 Boilermaker Regional Champion
66 - 2005 Great Lakes Regional Champion


I keep seeing 71 everywhere…

I think Car Nack may have made a very accurate prediction

I know what you mean, 71 is everywhere. Maybe they are taking over, if they haven’t already. JK, maybe they’re just really good. Btw, cyber hug, people who build robots are cool. :cool:

Notice that they all won their first event of the season. Some teams struggle out of the starting gate. This is where experience becomes a big factor. Having succeeded on the big stage in the previous year, these teams were ready, and probably better equipped to deal with the pressure of the elimination rounds.

It’d be interesting to see which of these teams are using the same drivers and operators as they did in 2004.

Also, they might just be good at building robots… :slight_smile:

this is interesting stats…

yeah 71 just takes over… good for them though…every team has their winning set of drivers and seasons…

These are just powerhouse teams, they will always make an impact on the game. Why did we start a thread on “searching for 111 & 71”? Because thoes are some of the best robots every year.

Just for clarification, 71 has had completely different drivers in 2002, 2004, and 2005. I’m fairly certain that this year’s drivers are rookie drivers (though one of them is using one of my lucky charms from 2002 :stuck_out_tongue: ).