Interesting game idea for 2005

This year, FIRST Frenzy had several elements taken from games in recent years. What if for 2005, we re-played a game from say like pre-1995. The majority of teams today, were not around way back then and back then, the kit of parts and control system and weight and size limits were vastly different. I think it would be fun to play it over again with bigger, more powerful machines and autonomous and sensors and all that cool stuff we have now but didn’t way back then. What do you think?

Maize Craze? from what I’ve been able to figure out, That could be fun.

Yay! A complete 48 by 24 foot field covered with corn kernels. I’m in.

…and when the motors overheat, we’ll have popcorn!

… Complete with butter (grease)! :stuck_out_tongue:

what was maize craze? was that an actual game played? Im new to FIRST this year.

It was the original 1992 FIRST game in which the small field at that time was covered completly with corn kernels. You can do some searches on this board for soem info about it and some find a picture or two at but if you were to come to Battle Cry 5 @ wpi in a week or watch for the videos, 2 of the teams from 1992 will be running their original robots from them on a recreated field with a complete rule and game book.

If you e-mail me, I’ll send you the docs I’ve found. (I’m new, too)

I’ve written an entry on FIRSTwiki about it, using all the information I could glean from the webarchive and CD. See:

I honestly think that would be such a cool idea. I haven’t seen any games past 2000, so that would be completely fun! Have you e-mailed Dean and Woodie about it? I think they would really like the idea.
I just think they need to come up with new game ideas. They’re running out quick.

the corn thing is pretty cool. I’d like to see it lol :smiley: