Interesting idea, didn't find anything saying I couldn't)

I didn’t find anything saying that I couldn’t do this, yet it seems to me that it might still be against the rules. If somebody has come across anything preventing this, please do tell, as it will provide much help.

We want to attach an extra power distribution board, battery, and approximately 20 fans (as many extra as we have) onto our driver station.

Any reason why we can’t do that?

There would be no cRio attached, and there would be be an emergency shutoff switch attatched to the battery. All we are doing is powering fans (for “cooling down the driver” and “visual effect” (ie. looking awesome).

Thanks for the help.

EDIT - Forgot to ask, I know it says that only 1 thing may be plugged into each port on the power distribution board, but could we attatch multiple fans to the same 1, considering that it isn’t on the robot?

The other solution we have is to make multiple fans go into the same cable, using little plastic connectors that have names I am not aware of. (they are yellowish plastic). Then plugging each of those cables into the power distribution board.

As you have pointed out there is no rules that would address this issue for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the sound of 20 fans would be distracting to fellow alliance partners and for that alone, you might abandon this idea. There is also the safety issue of having electrical power and battery in the drivers station with it’s associated wiring and interconnects. Remember that you are required to fit your driver’s station on the shelf provided. The event staff, FTA, and field personnel also have the ability to deem something as unsafe on an event by event basis.

<R77> The OPERATOR CONSOLE designed by the team must fit on the 60” wide by 12” deep shelf in the ALLIANCE STATION (excluding any items that are held or worn by the DRIVERS during the MATCH).

OPERATOR CONSOLE – the collection of the hardware used to run the Driver Station software and any associated equipment, control interfaces, display systems, structure, decorations, etc. used by the DRIVERS to operate the ROBOT.

Last year, many teams used a robot battery and an AndyMark inverter to provide extra power to their Classmate PC.

Also last year, Team 619 used two 6V lantern batteries and a power distribution board to power some lighted switches and status lights.

I do not know about the potential safety issues with fans, however.

Thanks for the input, for what it’s worth, the fans make almost no noise, something not noticeable over the noise that is going on anyway. We also would be having the fans protected via a case, preventing any harm coming from the fans themselves.

The question I still have is if it is legal to plug multiple fans into one connector, (thus getting power for multiple fans from only one port on the power board). If that doesn’t make sense, then I can have somebody with electrical knowledge explain it when they get here.


Read update number 8…
<T25> The only equipment that may be brought on to the ARENA is the OPERATOR CONSOLE, non-powered ANALYST-to-FEEDER signaling devices, reasonable decorative items, and special clothing and/or equipment required due to a disability. Other items, particularly those intended to provide a competitive advantage for the TEAM, are prohibited.* ::safety::

That would be their operator console. What they would be doing with 20 fans in it, is anyones guess. Possible a hovering control board!

Direct answer to the question: You can do whatever you want with the operator console, as long as it’s not dangerous. All rules that do not say “operator console” in them do not apply.

That is not actually true. Check all manuals.

The field reset and queuing people have a hard enough job as it is. They have to get teams off and on the field as quickly as possible to stay on a very tight schedule.

I implore teams to please don’t make it more complicated by bringing stuff to the drivers station that are only for decorations or coolness. Make your drivers station as simple as possible.