Interesting Rules Thread

I’m making a thread for posting interesting rules.

Here’s one I found:

Additional POWER CUBES placed into the FORCE or BOOST columns after the activation of the corresponding POWER UP do earn points for the ALLIANCE./

  • Section 4.3, page 40

This affects the strategy of using the POWER UPs. Would you wait towards the end to use a boost to get more points from putting cubes in the vault, or use it early on to make sure that you don’t get blocked? Hmmmm.

I think you use the power up when you expect to get the best scoring value from it. If that involves fewer than three power cubes, you can still follow up with those 5 points for each cube in the vault.

I find R45 to be quite interesting. Who knew that pneumatic wheels were considered an energy source (R45E)?

Section 8.4, R11 Total costs of all items…Exceptions are as follows:

C. individual COTS items that are less than $5 USD each and
D. KOP items

Where/what are A & B?

They’re in 2017 Rule R10. Which, as it turns out, is the exact same rule except for those numbers and the fact it’s 2017’s rule and this is 2018.

Team Update #1 will likely fix the numerous “numbered list” issues.

Max item cost got boosted from $400 to $500.

That’s been there for several years.

I also noticed that the allowed pre-season modifications to a COTS device have expanded significantly. New parts in bold:

A lighting “rule”


Blue (pulsing) with solid red corners Blue FORCE POWER UP is active
Red (pulsing) with solid blue corners Red FORCE POWER UP is active


G15: no camping…

Who knew that all those time shouting at QUAKE and UNREAL Tournament edition “STOP CAMPING!!!” would appear in the manual.

Well, it’s probably true…

That does seem strange, given the fact that the BOOST POWER UP doesn’t have a lighting pattern in auto in that same table (3-1).

However, in the intro to section 4.3, it specifies “POWER UPS are advantages an ALLIANCE can earn and play throughout the TELEOP stage of the MATCH.”

Based on that, I would say that would be an error in table 3-1. If section 4.3 didn’t specify the TELEOP stage, there would be a potential strategy. It would be possible for a robot to shove a Cube (or 3) through the exchange during auto. If pushed with enough force for the cube to go through the exchange and past the starting line, a human player could pick the cube up and place it in the vault, incurring one foul per cube as per A05.

Basically this. I expect most Forces to be played on 2. If you have to wait for 3, you’ve probably got bigger issues going on.

R98. The OPERATOR CONSOLE, the set of COMPONENTS and MECHANISMS used by the DRIVERS and/or HUMAN PLAYER to relay commands to the ROBOT, must include a graphic display to present the Driver Station diagnostic information. It must be positioned within the OPERATOR CONSOLE so that the screen display can be clearly seen during Inspection and in a MATCH.

Includes a part on human players relaying commands to the robot, which is pretty strange.

Drivers and human players are both part of the three people allowed to control the robot. You could have three drivers and no human players, or two human players and one driver. It is all the same in the rule book apparently.

The CIM limit has been removed. You are now only limited by your wallet and your breaker.

Edit: Sent this post early, the actual rule is R33. The blue box is likely carried over from last year.

The blue box on page 83 contradicts this.

This is the total number of each motor a Team may use on their ROBOT,
not the quantity per part number. For example, each team may use up to six (6) CIM motors on their ROBOT, regardless of the quantity or
combination of each individual part number used.

The official rule also overrides the blue box. I think theyre missing a column though.

Good catch. Totally missed that.

Given that they added

(in any quantity)

to last year’s R32/this year’s R33, it appears that the “Max Qty Allowed” column was intentionally removed.

Another good point. Just have to see what changes on Tuesday.

Wait so I’m confused by this, is there a limit on Cims or no?