Interesting scoring tactic on cargo ship


So, My thought is, before the match starts you start Bay 1 with cargo, Bay 2 with a Hatch Panel, and Bay 3 with another cargo. Lastly you start with a Hatch panel in your robot.
During the sandstorm period you go and place you hatch panel onto the Bay securing the cargo. Then you go to bay 2 and take the Hatch Panel off the bay door and then place it onto bay 3 securing another cargo. This strategy could be useless as you could go over to the alliance wall and pick up another panel. I just thought this way would be good for a team to secure a cargo that can’t necessarily secure cargo.
I looked through the rules and saw nothing against de-scoring your own game pieces. I could be missing it so let me know what you guys thing.


Review 5.1.1 F - Null Hatch Panels are secured to the Cargo Ship with hardware - they can’t be removed during the match.


Thank you much, I thought i would have missed something


Here’s what the referenced drawing shows:

I expect you’ll have a very hard time removing that.


That is a great idea!


Those darn game designers ruining good ideas


On the other hand, I haven’t found a rule against taking the cargo out of bay 3 and tossing it into bay 2. Can’t say it would be easy, but it wouldn’t require damaging game pieces and/or the field elements.


… or taking Cargo out of Bay 3 and putting it in the rocket after you’ve put the hatch on.


I would just like to mention that it says “per bay” and there are 6 bays there, not 3.