Interesting software challenge...developer needed

We’re in need of a developer who could create a tool for manipulating DXF files.

I don’t have a completely defined set of requirements, but the basic task would involve:

  1. Importing DXF data
  2. Identifying features/areas within the DXF using some definable parameters
  3. Modify the DXF by adding line segments or other features automatically
  4. Saving the newly created DXF

All of this would ultimately be wrapped into a web-based app/tool or integrated into our broader system.

We’ve seen this functionality as part of larger software suites and specialty tools for laser cutting and sheet metal operations.

If you have a particularly crafty student or mentor in your network that might be interested please DM me.


Take a look at - Open source nesting software

That’s assuming you’re doing this for nesting

Thanks. I’m familiar with this but nesting isn’t our current issue.