Interesting strategies

What are some interesting, reckless, or confusing strategies for previous games? Including anything that you have tried, seen or thought of.

2020 autonomous - 2 robots starting while touching each other and being on line.
I think we (5987) were the first to do it, As we were playing the second event of the year and I don’t remember seeing this trick used in ISR 1
(Correct me if I’m wrong)


Triple endgame defense 2019


71 in 2002. Moved slowly but was unstoppable.


2020 autonomous St. Joe Qual 13 - 3 robots touching each other and being on the line. Little yellow robot saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” while pushing all over the line. Almost got a foul for tearing up the carpet. Turned out to be just black marks. Thank God for Falcons.


Triple offense 2019


Enginerds did some pretty interesting stuff in 2017 with scoring 2 rotors, having two robots blocking gear pegs and scoring fuel.

Control Panel in 2020

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As a 2019 defensive strategy that would prohibit any scoring by the the opposing alliance a robot

(1)drives to the opponent’s side of the field between the HAB zone and cargo ships; (2) tips on it’s side; (3) and extends a boom spanning the width of the field (24ft). So long as the boom exists within the now horizonal rectangular prism projected from the frame perimeter, as far as I can tell, totally legal.


Works 1 time.

469 in Breakaway


I’d probably go with works zero times.

  1. You’re probably doing this in Sandstorm. 2019 G3, Tech Foul.
  2. Depending on where your opponents are, there’s a non-zero chance of a pin. Per 2019 G18, that’s 1 Foul, plus 1 Foul per 5 seconds, and if you don’t let them out by 15 seconds it’s extended, Red Card. (Did you know that the highest 2019 regular season foul score was set because somebody pinned for half the match, while violating other rules?)
  3. It’s arguable that your bumpers were removed from the Bumper Zone strategically. Per 2019 G23, that’s a Red Card.
  4. Even if you get through all of that, there’s always 2019 C1+T1, the “catchall/we didn’t see this coming” rule. Head Referee can issue a Card of either color for egregious actions even if they aren’t explicitly in the rules. 75% chance of the HR pulling a yellow, 20% chance of a red, 5% chance of “If you do that again, you’ll be carded, so don’t”. Given that there’s two OTHER possible Red Cards the probabilities are probably actually 20% yellow, 75% Red.

In 2019, we won a quals match at champs with a 1 offense + 1 defender + 1 counterdefender strategy.
I was pretty surprised by how well it worked, we would have gotten 4 RP if there wasn’t a pesky ball on the HAB preventing us from climbing:

“What are some interesting, reckless, or confusing strategies for previous games? Including anything that you have tried, seen or thought of.”
I still like this strat and will implement come the 2019 season.

But point well taken it would certainly be a reckless strategy that would be shut down the first time its used

Remember that it’s 2020…

My point was that you were exceptionally unlikely to see ANY benefit at all from that strategy. 1 match, maybe. 2nd match, definitely a strategy, definitely shut down.

That said, I have been on a team that thought about pulling off a similar strategy back in 2005: if we could get to the far side of the field, just on the far side of the centerline goals, and deploy a boom, we could defend 2 rows and limit them to 1. We didn’t have weight available to pull that off, though… and within a year, the GDC started putting these pesky Frame Perimeter extension limits. (2005 had unlimited extension, if you can believe that…)

Actually, that reminds me. FRC68, year 2003.

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We still have that little yellow robot.

In 2018 during the offseason, we decided to block a team from getting to the other side of the field for endgame (as our opponent had a triple climb that only worked with 1 or 3 robots), turns out that was illegal because it shut down an element of gameplay and resulted in a red card. Not our finest moment.