Interesting team names

Are there any team names out there with an interesting story to explain them?

for team 138, we chose Entropy as it described our 6 week build period quite accurately…

that is to say that the team gradually came to a state of complete and utter chaos in trying to complete the robot on time!

interested in hearing from others-


I alway liked the chaos teams (chaos, perpetual chaos, neverending chaos, there are probably more, …chaos to the infinity plus one and so on - j/k…) I’d like to hear how those team names came about.

Our team is named the Techno Ticks because we are from Lyme and Old Lyme CT, where the first cases of Lyme Disease were documented.

Our Slogan is It’s in Your Blood!!!

Didn’t the name come from someone random like a puppeteer or something?

I remember meeting a woman at the CT Mfg fair or something back when I was on 237 who was a puppeteer that said she was the one who came up with the technoticks name…

Hmm… Rice? It’s an acronym of sorts. Our advisor came up with it. Respect, Impulse-control, Cooperation and Equity.

Our team name (the Monsters) came from a play on the Loch Ness Monster story (or Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster). Our team consists of the schools from Walled Lake, Michigan, and since we had more than one school, it was difficult to use the school mascots. Therefore, we cooked up a story about the “Walled Lake Monster”, and our team became the Walled Lake Monsters.

Uh…thats really odd. I dont think the team knows any puppeteer’s or credits our name to one atleast.


S.C.R.E.A.M. That’s all I have to say! :smiley:

What’s it stand for? is there a story behind it?

Ticks, Lyme Disease, and we were in the pits next to you at UTC! :ahh:

Just kidding! :wink:

In case anyone is wondering about Sie-h2o-Bots.

Sie, short for the Siemen Company. World wide manufacturer of telecomunications equipment based in our hometown and our largest corporate supporter.

h2o, chemical reference of water. Our team is based in Watertown, CT 06795.

Bots, short for robot, basically self explainatory (we are a robot team).

Our nick-name is T.R.I.B.E.—Taking Robotics Into Bold Experiences. This is the third nick-name for our team. Some of you veterans may remember us as the Black Magic team and Sunseekers (our rookie '99 and sophmore '00 years).

Stoney Creek and Rochester Engineering and Mechanics

Hello, Mr. Bence.

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South Fork HS
Martin County HS

Lol, of all the questions to ask. Our name has probably the most interesting of all stories behind it. Epsilon Delta, Ed, or E D. Well the year we came up with it we had an arm that wouldnt stand up. If you cant put that together with words that start with the letters e and d, dont bother. And we decided we liked the name, so we changed the letters to stand for Epsilon Delta and adopted the greek symbols for them for our logo.

Megaforce Squadron?

I have no idea. :smiley:

When we were holding meetings for our team name back in 2001, we ended up with SWAT Mobotics…

I still don’t know why we went with SWAT… (no offense to the current SWAT team… number 771 or something or other… I can never remember the numbers. You gals developed your team name into something great… we just had… SWAT… with no purpose or acronym or anything)

The “Mobotics” end of it was a reference to our school name (Mowat). Lots of events and teams there are a pun from “Mowat” (i.e. Mowapalooza). At first I was adverse to naming it Mobotics, but it’s grown on me, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last year in 2002, we just dropped the SWAT and we’re now just 783 Mobotics.

(We almost named the team CTRL+ALT+DEL… My idea by the way… fell short to SWAT and Mobotics though :frowning: )

But I still have to give kudos to my favourite name yet, “Division By Zero”, it pwnz

who else has the coolest name ever but

521 the L337 CR3W!!

Team 25 Raider Robotix, North Brunswick Township Highschool is home of the Raiders, and We chose Robotix instead of Robotics because it looks cooler on paper :stuck_out_tongue: to my knowledge we are the only robotix team

Well we started with WicKED (Whiz Kids Engineering Design) but decided that wouldn’t appeal so well to parents and sponsors. So then we came up with NERDS (New Energy Radical Design Systems) but the kids didn’t want to wear nerd shirts at school (I haven’t yet figured out why) so we finally settled with ACE (Albion Competitive Engineering).

Now we just need a number to go with it.


The year the team started the students voted on “Augustus Roboticus Maximus” for the name of the robot. This was dutifuly stenciled on the side of the robot. During the first comp the robot was WAY over weight. After a drastic weight reduction just about the only letering left that was contiguous was “GUS”. GUS remains our name today.
228 Team GUS

ps: Augusts Roboticus Maximus was REAL dificult to fit into a chant!!! :smiley:
pps: Team 1071 MAX was a spin off from us and they chose the name to show there allegiance to GUS (from Maximus). :slight_smile:

The Indiana Prank Monkeys:

In an episode of the Simpsons, Homer becomes Mr. Burns’ prank monkey, and must perform pranks on residents of Springfield for Mr. Burns’ enjoyment. Why this is our team name? Um… because Simpsons is an awesome show. And… yeah. The kids voted on it, it’s their team. Our mascot (the ugly monkey seen at ) was made for us by our website sponsor, Spinweb.

…but I think my personal favorite may always be the Nerds of the North. It cracks me up every time. :slight_smile: