Interesting thing with the times

in this thread: you see that purplehaze quotes Isabel’s post, however his post is before her’s.

I took a screenshot, just because I couldn’t really beleive what I saw:

Purplehaze’s post was at 9:18am, and edited at 9:20am. Isabel’s post was at 9:35am, but the time at the bottom of the page was 9:32 am


known problem … i have no idea whats happening here.
Well … i have an idea, just not a solution (yet)

I was working on it, but thanks for reminding me… it slipped my mind :slight_smile:

Mabey Purplehaze can see into the future?

i’ve been having that problem in here and another forum. we have phpbb2 on our team website and it’s been doing that too. really strange…:confused:

Does the software use the server time or the user’s time for doing the timestamps? If it is the user’s time, it could be that they don’t have the correct time set. If it is the server’s time I don’t really know.

its the server time, using php’s time() function, i believe.

but one interesting thing is that David runs his website off the same server as, and maybe the time on that machine is having issues.

Ill have to check it out further…

Response from Ventures Online

(liberty is our servers name)

We have been having a time issue on liberty.

Two days ago we even replaced the cmos battery to try to fix it. Our next recourse is to try a bios upgrade, but we need to test this in the lab first.

So…I can’t do anything but wait…