Interfacing with Falcon 500 motor through CAN bus on non-FRC hardware

I am trying to get a Falcon 500 motor to run on current control mode off of the CAN bus port of a MicroAutoBox dSPACE controller (shown below). I’ve searched the internet and tried to make sense of the source code that’s available online, but I haven’t been able to find any CAN messages I need to send to run the motor.

Yeah… you should contact CTRE for support but I’m not sure how much help they are going to be able to provide with this one.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll go do that, hopefully they can help me figure it out.


Ah… looks like I’m outta luck with this approach:

Looks like ODrive supports CAN, that’d probably be cheaper than an integrated servo/stepper with CANopen. Shame that CTRE decided to lock down like that. Maybe one day FRC will go to CANopen. Pretty easy protocol to use after a few weeks.


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