Intermittent cRIO connection

We’ve been having some problems connecting to the cRIO. On the driver station it goes back and forth from red to green. I’ve confirmed that the computer can connect to the robot correctly, so I know it’s a problem with connection to the cRIO.

Any ideas?

Are you talking about the Communication light on the Driver station?

Is your code currently executing on the cRIO?

Are you Ethernet wired or wireless?

When you say that your computer can connect directly to the robot, is that wired?
Who is the “robot” in this context - the radio or the cRIO?

Going back and forth on green to red for which item? Communications or robot code, or both?

Have you tried running a continuous ping in a command window to see if you are dropping pings the same time the green to red occurs?

ping -n 1000 10.xx.yy.2

ping -t 10.xx.yy.2


Did you guys confirm it isn’t anything electrical. A few years back we kept losing connection to the cRio and it turned out to be the wire connection to the cRio was very loose.

We have confirmed the problem: the driver station is connecting to the simulated robot. We’ve told LabView to deploy to the robot (it’s set to the cRio in the bottom left corner), but still nothing.

Can you go into a little more detail on this? Do you actually have a simulated robot running? How are you telling LabVIEW to deploy to the robot? What exactly do you mean when you say “deploy”? What is set to the cRio in the bottom left corner? The bottom left corner of what?

If the DS is connecting to a simulated robot, that means that a computer on your subnet is currently running the simulator. The simulator announces itself to the DS and the DS ignores the robot. The timing of the loop of the simulator announcements is pretty slow, and it will sometimes flicker a bit.

I suspect that your robot code really was downloaded according to the target label in the lower left… It may even be running. But it is being ignored by the DS.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks all. It turns out that the simulation was left on and LabView was trying to run the simulation with code deployed on the robot. :stuck_out_tongue: