Internal Company Awards

A question has been raised within the J&J FIRST community, and I wanted to see what other corporate sponsors were doing. We are thinking about starting an internal Chairman’s type award, to recognize internal teams - J&J only - after the National Competiton. We might even have a Woodie Flowers type award. This would be done in an effort to get our teams more internal recognition, help them recruit more internal support, build a stronger J&J FIRST network, and get the team sponsors more recognition within the Corporation. Do any of the other Corporations with mulitple teams have any sort of internal recognition program? If so, how do you do it? Have you had good response? If not, why not? Any responses would be appreciated!

(Andy or any other “Delphi Guy” if u read this u may want to help me out)

I know there is an award that travels between all the Delphi teams that participate in Nationals…I believe it goes to the highest placing Delphi team at Nats. It’s a really neat looking award too.