International online music store


I’m looking for a good international music store (iTunes doesn’t do Israel, for example…)

Traits i’m looking for:
-Good variety
-Decent prices
-Artists get paid (none of those semi-legal Russian sites…)
-no DRM

I’m guessing alot of people on CD have experience with this so I hope you could point me in the right direction…



iTunes is indeed a problem.
I don’t think you will find many (if any at all) international stores that have Israeli music. There is a very small demand for legal music there (no RIAA).
If you search for music store in Hebrew, you should find a few local internet stores. The files are high quality, DRM free and ~4 NIS.

Check out and imusic.

Does Amazon MP3 work in Israel?

They sell all their music as unprotected .mp3 files encoded at 256kbps, most of which is about $0.99 USD per song.

US only

I almost don’t listen to Israeli music (just some Shaygets and Dr. Casper’s Bunny Show)…

What do you guys think about eMusic?


Hahahaha…eMusic. It’s pretty awful unless you’re really desperate. It has almost nothing worth listening to from what I found. I had a hard time using all 100 of my free songs that I got through a special promotion (may or may not still be going on).

ooook… guess i’ll not be going with eMusic then… :slight_smile:

I like eMusic. I found a ton of artists and songs worth listening to to, but I’m more into the indie rock type of stuff. eMusic has more independent and small label artists than most other sites.
The only thing I didn’t like about eMusic is their monthly pay thing. I don’t want to be limited to 40 songs per month. I found it horribly frustrating.

I know this is true for itunes and probably for the other sites too, the artists get pretty much robbed by them. Compared to buying the actual cds, the artists are making very little. So, if you care about the artists, its something to think about…

Edit: itunes takes roughly 30% of the profit that could be going to the artist.

I like plenty of independent labels and artists too, just apparently none of the ones on eMusic. eMusic’s whole deal is they only carry independent artists, so while you may find some stuff that’s worthwhile, when you do have that urge to get that new radio hit or major album, you’re out of luck.