International team needs help with Equipment in Houston Championship

Hi. My name is Roy and I’m head of CAD in team 4590 from Israel. We got qualified to Houston a week ago and we ran into some issues shipping our equipment to the champs.

At the moment we really need a gazebo for our pit… so if any local teams happen to have an extra one please message me :slight_smile:

You do not want anything covering your pit, it should be open so you can see your robot when working on it.

There is no requirement that you have a structure set up in your pit either.

Although there’s no requirement we prefer to have our pit closed :\ we fill the gaps with large printed “walls” with some nice stuff, and we hang on the gazebo some posters.

This is a niche play, so I’m going to present the alternative idea: buy a canopy (there are Walmarts everywhere in the States, so you should be able to pick one up in-store), use it while you’re in Houston, and then sell/trade/donate it afterward.

At under $50 (minus anything you can get for it after you’re done), it’s not too bad a hit considering the price of everything else for a robotics team going halfway around the world. :slight_smile: