International Teams needing batteries at CMP Mega thread


Let’s have one thread where teams can volunteer to loan batteries out and teams can request batteries.

My team, Fusion 364 can loan out 6 batteries with individual chargers, PM me if you are in need.

There are quite a few Australian teams heading to the Championship this year.

Teams 4613,5333, 5663, 5876 and 6035. All need batteries and most also need chargers

Team 364 has kindly offered to help out three of the Australian teams with batteries and chargers.

It would be great to have another 4 batteries and 1( or 2 if single) charger for the remaining teams(4613 doesn’t need a charger)

There will quite possibly will be Tim Tam’s and koalas is return :slight_smile:

That was quick, our batteries and chargers are spoken for. We will be helping out three teams from Australia. I’m not sure what timtam’s are, but I am excited to find out.

Please keep this thread going for all of our international brothers and sisters!

We are already planning to lend batteries to Team 3132.

So on behalf of 3211 from Israel, we’d absolutely love to loan 2-3 more batteries and a couple of chargers.

Dear all,

We are here to ask about your help at CMP, our team (1860) will need some batteries and charges. Please, could you lend for us ? At the end we will devolve them.

Thanks in advance.


Cyber Blue 234 can loan 4 batteries on a small cart with a 3 bank charger. Since they are on a cart, they all need to go to the same team.

Please PM me.

UPDATE — Batteries committed to Bruno & Team 1860. Great to be able to help!

Team 4646 has 7 extra batteries, which we will be able to loan to teams needing them at championships. The batteries do not have cables/connectors, so the recieving teams will need to provide/find the battery connectors with cables they will use, and some time in the pits to attach them. (We will likely be able to help with attaching the cables if needed, as well as returning them to the team(s) that are able to help in that aspect.)** We will not be able to provide chargers for the batteries either.**

Please respond if interested.

We would love to ge 3-4 batteries to team 3211 if possible =]

We have plenty of cables which we can put on ourselves, 3-4 batteries should be great for the last remaining Australian teams

Hello, this is FRC team 5839 from Nanjing, China. We are going to fly to Saint Louis for FRC world games. Unfortunately, we have a very serious problem. Our airline does not allow us to carry the batteries. We could buy batteries in Saint Louis, however, all the batteries that we are gonna buy there would be wasted because we can not take them back. Could any team lend some batteries to us in Saint Louis? Any help would be much appreciated.

Limin Zhang,
A member FRC team 5839