Internatonal Teams

We are doing an article on international teams. We could use some information on these teams. If you could also send your team logos that would help too.
Thanks, :smiley:

We also need contact information.
Thanks again

I’m not from an international team, but I think that this can be helpful: javascript:void‘’, ‘viewmap’, ‘width=830,height=600,scrollbars=yes,status=no,resizable=yes,toolbar=yes’);
You can also check the following link to see what regionals those teams are going to (and those pages should link to those teams’ websites).

BTW, it irks me that FIRST got several things wrong on their Europe map. Irks me more that it’s been that way for years.

<EDIT> The first link didn’t work when I clicked on it. Just go to the main page of the FIRST site and click on the map there.

I think you were looking to link the FRC Team Map.

Thanks that helps a lot but it seams like some teams are not listed. I still need contact information and team logos though.
Thanks for your help, :smiley:

I cannot give out contact information but would be happy to forward on anything you write to the 2 rookie teams coming to the Chesapeake from London.
Send to me at

I am on team 1577 (steampunk) from Raanana, Israel.
Feel free to ask me any questions you want about our team (via private messages, Email etc.)
You can also visit our team site at (will be up in the next few days)


Do you have another email address i can contact you at. I tried on Chief Delphi and it said that i could not send a message to you. Also do you have a team logo you could send to me? If you dont no big deal. Try emailing my yahoo account (

I sent you an E-mail…

Tomorrow I will upload our team logo

you can get some information about Brazilian teams at

our team’s website is there you can find information in English too.

if you need specific information about our team fell free to PM me

Great ill go check the email.
Thanks, ill let you know if something goes wrong :smiley:

Thanks that site works!

Ill try to email you on Monday something is wrong on my comp. i got to do it a school.
sorry… :frowning:

Team #1574 here…
Here’s our new website

Cool Thanks

Im from zimbabwe, my robot is modeled after an elephant.

I doubt that will fit within the weight or size limits.

the FIRST Canada site is here ;


Were team #1943 - Neat-team from Rosh Ha Ain, Israel.

You can visit us @

or E-mail us at

Good luck!

Greetings from Tribotec #1382 from Brazil, visit us at see ya! :smiley: