Internet access at comp without breaking the rules

So as it turns out, OpenWRT and other manufacturers support USB tethering for a smartphone. This would allow laptops to access the internet via ethernet, and therefore avoiding breaking the rule. Android phones can also be connected this way, but requires an ethernet to USB OTG adapter, and android marshmellow or above.

Here’s the OpenWRT wiki page

And I was alerted to this video by @firecrafty which highlights why you shouldn’t use a hotspot (watch his team, 1018)

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And for people who USB tether directly to laptop, this lets you split into ethernet to share between laptops/computers

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I have an Essential phone and a Dell XPS15.
I was able to tether my android phone to my laptop using a USB C to USB C cable. My laptop treats it as an ethernet cable, and I just have to indicate in settings on my phone that I am sharing my internet connection over USB, and select the connection in the settings of my laptop.

If your device is capable of making a hotspot, then chances are you can USB tether as well. (Only speaking to Android & Windows devices)

go outside the arena/pit area to download use LTE

We used BlueDashPro in our pit to display how our matches went and what the next one was, and we found that just connecting the provided ethernet to what ever needed it worked OK, or we just sucked it up and used the public WiFi. In most cases the WiFi will work fine. A good example was the GVSU competition as last year the WiFi was almost unusable, but it got better this year. Most event venues should have upgraded their WiFi, so tethering or a hotspot shouldn’t be needed.

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