Internet Explorer 8 To comply with WC3 Standards

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Microsoft is releasing their Beta version of IE 8 to developers, and it will make it so it is WC3 Standard, but will create Havoc with any website designed for IE 6 and IE 7. But it will make the job of website developer a lot easier!

Now that the release of IE 8 is on the horizon, Windows users will soon face with yet another potentially web-breaking upgrade. Internet Explorer 8 gets much closer to rendering web pages the way standards-compliant browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari have been doing for years, but that won’t matter if you’ve been coding your sites for earlier versions of IE.

glad i just got Safari last week :smiley:

Firefox is the way to go(I think personnally) I prefere it over IE. Most likely if it doesn’t work in Firefox it won’t work in other browsers most of the time.

So my biggest problem right now is coding under Firefox because when I view my script on IE every once in a while EVERYTHING is different and not much stays the same. The CSS for Firefox works differently for IE and it bugs me. Microsoft should just throw in the towel or start from Firefox’s source and add their “bugs” and “errors” in afterwards…

Too bad IE8’s distribution will be too low for too long of a time for it to really matter.

Too bad it requires a non-standard meta tag for it to work.

:eek: Sure they will… I’ll believe it when I see it.

Lol…this doesn’t change the fact that previous versions of IE have hurt me. Firefox is just better even if IE perfectly meant web standards like the others have. Firefox just has the support system of open source(I’m all about open source software)I mean how many times have you found a bug reported it and not short after there is an update fixing that and other bugs, on top of all that the plugins and the way Firefox handles plugins is something that nor IE or Safari will be able to match without some major development changes…lol, here I am posting all of this on Safari. :cool:

Microsoft just needs to drop IE. Imagine if the next version of Windows came packaged with the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Konqueror (coming to Windows!), and Safari (beta already on Windows). That would be SWEET.

It’s like Microsoft has to hold a monopoly on every IT-related market. Internet browsers (IE8), office software (OOXML), server software (Windows Server 2008), Flash-type software (SilverLight), major social-networking/news/everything sites (recent attempt to buy out Yahoo!).

Why can’t they just focus on making a good OS and supporting libraries? I mean, .NET is awesome, and so is DX 10, from what I’ve heard. They don’t have to write the operating system and the applications for it. Let us developers handle that part.

Sorry for derailing. :rolleyes: Move along, nothing to see here…

[edit] It’s “W3C”, btw. :slight_smile:

The majority of people that use Internet Explorer will use older versions until they have to get a new operating system/computer that comes with the newer version. In other words, they won’t be updating their version of IE unless it’s already been done for them.

Also, I can’t understand why anyone in the right mind would design a site for a browser that doesn’t comply with standards (IE). Always, always, always design a site using Firefox. Most browsers are very similar or are closely related to it.

Thanks for the news!

I found that it’s best to develop side by side with internet explorer because, like it or not, it still controls the market. It’s easier to fix bugs early on in the process than to wait till the end and realize that IE6 screwed up the box model and you’re off by a pixel everywhere.

Just use

<!--[if IE]>STYLING<![endif]-->

You really shouldn’t be off in IE much if you did it in Firefox. At least with the 5 or so sites I’ve done, nothing is very dramatic (IE 5 and 5.5 is a different story).

Im just saying it will be easier for designing the site. Just add the tag, and you don’t have to put in the extra effort for designing it side by side.

IE8 Beta 1 just came out and im not impressed, same old thing, not many new features, at least they fixed some CSS problems

I’m downloading it right now. I know this is slightly off-topic, but I fouind out that they are de-bloating Windows in Windows 7. Currently they have a new kernel called MinWin at 25 MB with a simple HTTP server. (Windows 7 Ultimate Milestone 1)