Internet Explorer flaw

Yesterday, an article on Yahoo! caught my eye. It said that there was a major flaw in IE’s security system which allowed hackers to take passwords and the such. This si very dangerous, as it can lead to fraud etc. Luckily, Microsoft worked at record speed, and had a patch. This patch can be installed byy going to Windows Update. Its a high priority update. If you have IE 5- IE 7, please download this patch…

here’s the article on yahoo:;_ylt=AkSQtbpC1xxbNappqtzpcEEazJV4

and here’s the link for the update on the microsoft site (if you cant find the system update thing):

…Or use Mozilla Firefox. Or Opera. Or Safari. Or Google Chrome.

I got a virus that infected Firefox & IE the other night. It was very disturbing, seeing as I’ve almost switched to nearly using FF full time, & got the virus through IE but it also affected FF.

Just proves nothing is prone to not getting any viruses, even the “safer” browsers like FF.

Run linux.

All jokes aside, this shows how you can’t be too careful. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll download it.


that is true, i was thinking of downloading chrome or safari… but i just wanted to let everyone know, in case there are some non techies out there who dont want to download another browser…

I received a note from our IS department about this virus today and recommended running Windows update ASAP to close the vulnerability. The message from IS seemed unusually urgent.

Probably a good idea to run windows update and get the patch.