Internet help

I need help setting up my new router at my house to connect to the internet.
It is a Cisco 1941 w/EHWIC-DSL-VA-A card

Connection is through bonded dsl, my provider dynamically assigns connection ip over pppoe, and my 5 static public IPs plus i have the static gateway ip that my current modem has that is in same subnet as these 5 public IPs are provided through this connection. these are in different subnets
the interface card gives me an ATM0/0/0 and Ethernet0/0/0
the router has 2 gigabyte interfaces
I need to know how to configure the router to work in front of my firewall which will do all the NAT etc.

I know basic cisco commands, just can’t find much info on dsl with static public ips over pppoe.


I do not know the full answer to your question, but I do know enough to see a possible showstopper. To clarify - are your five static public IPs located at your house behind the dynamic IP assignment, or are they located at a server farm somewhere which provides static addresses? In the second case, this seems to be a non-trivial but simple case; in the first, I am not sure that this is possible.

all ips are located at my house

So I assume you just want to do NAT overload on your outside interface IP address?

Can you apply the command to your WAN facing interface? I haven’t worked with DSL on cisco routers but I assume it would be the same as doing NAT between two ethernet interfaces
(config-if)# ip nat outside

If so you should be able to apply the following commands
(Inside interface)
(config-if)# ip nat inside

(conifg)# ip access-list 100 any (Assuming
(config)# ip nat inside source list 100 interface (WAN interface) overload

you are correct that Nat would be the same. I don’t think I need nat on the cisco router, because I have 5 public IP addresses, which are split between two downstream sophos UTM firewalls, which provide the Nat to the internal networks.

I am having trouble simply establishing the pppoe connection for the dsl at the moment.