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I am having issues with my internet right now. There are certain webpages that I cannot access (page cannot be displayed) through Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla. It will work fine if I sign onto AOL through my broadband connection. Other webpages load fine with no problem and the webpages that don’t, load fine on my roomates computer and AOL. I am running Windows XP SP2 (since about september). I have tried a restore and clearing the cache. I have also done a virus scan and a spyware search. I was going to try to repair IE, but it is not listed on my add/remove program files list. Any other suggestions would be great.

Try running Windows Update.

My desktop has been doing something similar for a couple of weeks now. I am running NT 4.0 and AOL 5.0 through cable modem. My problem is I can’t load any web pages through Aol. My email works, but that is it. I have to launch IE to get to the web.

Go to and download Firefox. Go to one of the webpages that doesn’t work in IE, and see if it works in firefox. If it works in Firefox, it is a problem with IE…possibly content/security settings. If it doesn’t work, its a computer problem.

And you may just fall in love with Firefox :D.

How could you not fall in love with firefox?


Firefox rocks! :slight_smile:

If Firefox doesn’t work, I would try changing your DNS servers to a publicly-accessible set.

  1. Start -> Control Panel
  2. Choose “Switch to Classic View” on the left
  3. Double-click “Network Connections”
  4. Right-click your ethernet adapter (usually Local Area Connection something) and choose Properties
  5. In the list under “This connection uses the following items:”, click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click the button labeled Properties.
  6. At the bottom of the panel that appears, click “Use the following DNS server addresses:” and fill out the boxes so that they read:

Preferred DNS server: 4 ]. 2 ]. 2 ]. 1 ]
Alternate DNS server: 4 ]. 2 ]. 2 ]. 2 ]

Click OK, then OK out of all the other dialogs you brought up. Restart your computer and try looking at one of the websites in question.

You can reverse the process by returning the option in step 6 to “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.


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Are you accessing the internet through Purdue RESNET? I noticed it’s been acting a little funny the past 2 days, but nothing like that yet.