Internet Reality Site

You know, at first this probably sounds like some Survivor type site, but it’s not. Intead the concept is so cool and basic that it gets you addicted. It seems that a superglue company has decided to superglue a PC moniter to a wall, and the monitor is hooked up to a computer. Now you can watch a web feed of it on the wall, but here’s the cool part, there is a text box underneight the feed, there you enter text in that you want displayed on the monitor! It’s basic, cool, and pretty funny. Some people post the usual bad things, and other times they post some really funny stuff (someone posted the Adult Swim logo, it looked really funny.)

That’s really amusing. haha

The company I work for had a representative from Loctite come in and do demos. I even got to try some of their different products and it’s amazing some of the things you can do with them. They even gave away some samples.

One tip they told us is if you ever super glue your fingers together just rock your fingers back and forth for a minute or two and they should release. Trying to use a razor or soaking your fingers in solvents isn’t necessary.

There’s thousands of people submitting text so it may be awhile before anything you type shows up.

This is really neat :slight_smile: , great advertising, too! (I find it definitely amusing to see workers in the background doing their normal jobs.)

I find it a shame, though, that 70% of the people who post on that monitor post explicit and disgusting dialog, its pitiful to see these repetitive ‘jokes’ make it through to an innovative advertising feat, considering all audiences, including children, can be possible viewers to the site.

But with that aside, I find it to be very cool! :slight_smile:

Really cool. Appears to have been there for nearly 60 days and it hasn’t slipped at all. Should be interesting to see if and when it does fall.

I’d imagine most of the vulgar jokes are children.

i love super glue. im going to try this on my computer! :smiley: (wellll… maybe not :smiley: )

That is cool; my only complaint is that the text box isn’t large enough to allow the phrase “All your base are belong to us” or to ask meaningful questions of the people who work there such as “How do you get any work done with people distracting you by writing things on the monitor?”.

You can do a couple words at a time to type your whole message but code it with something like an asterisk so they know it is from the same person each time. :slight_smile:

Its kind of funny. Right now it’s been transmitting the messages in real time. ^^

Interesting concept.

other glue companies could use this to spy on the compitition! :smiley: