Posted by Carrie at 04/03/2001 10:02 PM EST

Student on team #27, Team Rush, from OSMTech Academy and Textron.

Does anyone know if there will be internet access at Nationals this year??
(Look for the blue wig Friday and Saturday)

Posted by Kevin Sevcik at 04/04/2001 1:14 AM EST

Other on team #57, Leopards, from BT Washington and the High School for Engineering Professions and Exxon, Kellog Brown & Root, Powell Electrical.

In Reply to: Internet???
Posted by Carrie on 04/03/2001 10:02 PM EST:

I know that someone somewhere is going to have access to the internet because they’re sending out 4 webcasts. I don’t know if there’s going to be open access again this year. I recall there being a bank of computer or something volunteered by a team a year or two back, so I’m going to assume there will be internet access. If not, there’s always AOL from your hotel room…