Internship Opportunity in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Job Description: Mobility Engineering interns provide support to one or more areas of: engines, cooling systems, suspension, gear boxes, air intake, exhaust, transmissions, or other mobility systems. Provide engineering support to mobility integrated product team, including the management of risks, coordination of projects, and follow up on team action items. Complete engineering documentation in support of design reviews.

Job Functions (Essential):

  1. Create/Update Tools such as presentations about system architecture, powertrain/cooling systems optimization, and current or future products
  2. Research engines, mechanical transmissions and electrical drive systems to gain a general understanding of Mining Applications (Trucks, Loaders and Excavators)
  3. Travel to customer location(s) to gain hands on combat vehicle testing experience
  4. Aid in the documentation of existing 3D models as well as loading models to the document management system
  5. Complete work assignments in a thorough, consistent and punctual manner
  6. Adhere to company work hours, policies, procedures, and rules governing professional staff behavior
  7. Adhere to company and professional ethics governing the handling of confidential information and the observation of confidentiality
  8. Maintain professional relationships with company employees, clients and customers, both internal and external
  9. Keep management abreast of progress and pending problems [n/a]
  10. Enrolled in an accredited college/university pursuing a degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Systems Engineering
  11. Completed a minimum of two years of college with a 3.0 / 4.0 GPA or equivalent academic record. Lower GPA considered if coupled with relevant experience
  12. Good oral and written communication skills
  13. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with others
  14. Good organizational, planning and follow-up skills
  15. Proficient with PC and MS Office Suite
    Preferred Skills:
  16. Interested in a career at BAE Systems
  17. Experience with CAD, specifically Pro/Engineer

Please apply through the Website. If you would like to use me as a reference, please PM me as well with questions or resume.

Just to help prospective interns out:

  • How much compensation is offered? (“None” is not appropriate compensation from a major corporation for university-level internships, with few exceptions.)*]Are there any restrictions on the immigration statuses (above and beyond work authorization) or citizenships of the applicants?

A good job posting will include these things, or a brief explanation of why they’re not provided.

I’d love to apply except for that two-year requirement, but there’s next year, I suppose.

Taking a quick look at the link, the posting indicates that US Citizenship is required.

Consider the 2 years a soft requirement and please do apply. I am not certain what the pay rate will be. BAE is usually pretty competitive.

Id assume they don’t want someone right out of high school and attending LTU next year right?

Just wanted to mention how much I love BAE’s quick and painless application system.

Taking my BAE hat off for a moment:

As an applicant, consider the list of items a “want” list. A job poster may say it is a “requirement”, but in reality it is often a want or desire. Seldom can an applicant be found that meets every single detail within the grade they are asking for. My recommendation is to apply and let the recruiter sort out whether or not you meet the needs. Worst case scenario, you are not accepted and wasted the time of the application, which in the grand scheme of things is not a big waste.

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to just be truthful about your skills and qualificiations. If you are enrolled to attend LTU in the Fall, then just be certain to say so. If you “do not meet requirements”, you can often try to talk up other aspects of your personal experience in a cavoer letter (again, more work, but often well worth it). For instance, if I was HS grad going for this job, I would have a paragraph about the design and engineering experience I got through Projects that might be relevant. With a cover letter, keep it to just a few paragraphs. Why you want the job, What you have to offer, Why you think you would be a good fit…

To add an example to what Isaac is talking about here:

Two years ago my company had a high school student as an intern (you know him as apalrd here on chiefdelphi). The key to getting him in here was to make the company aware of the experience he gained by being involved with his FIRST team. He was able to demonstrate his experience enough to convince us that he would be valuable as an intern, and we were very happy with him.

If you have some applicable experience that you got as a part of your team (or somewhere else), then be sure to highlight it.