Internships? Internships!

Hey college students and recent college grads! Happy career fair season! This is far from the first time I’ve posted something like this, but wanted to plug some opportunities at my employer:

If you’re in the middle of your college years…

The Product Development track is all the mechanical, electrical, or software topics related to creating big yellow machines. It comes in two flavors:

The Summer Corporate Intern is a ~12 week, 40-hours-per-week, just-over-the-summer program.

The Parallel Co-Op is the summer internship, plus part time (~10 hours/week) during the school year.

If you’re recently graduated or graduating over the next year or so…

The Engineering Rotational Development Program is a ~1.5 year rotational program where you’ll get to see a bunch of different aspects of the company, and always have a home group you know you’ll come back to for the first few years of your career.

If you’re looking for something else…

There’s an even bigger list of early-talent opportunities here! Not just engineering, but all sorts of things!

My plug for the company: They’re a really solid engineering firm, with great people and awesome tech. They truly support folks in having “many careers at one company” - if you like doing lots of different stuff, this place has lots of roles you can jump between over the years. And some great support for FIRST, especially if you want to volunteer as an employee. They’ve kept me around willingly for 8 years, so hopefully that says something!

As always, ping/PM me if you do apply - I’d love to chat with ya about your background, experiences, and things you like to work on!


I came across something for this company and noticed they have an opening for an EE intern this fall as well as some other permanent positions.

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