Anyone intern(ed) anywhere as a highschool student? Is there a lot of opportunities to intern in the technology field? Like robots and programming? I have only found stuff having to do with biology and chemistry… I heard theres some at JPL, will check that out.

I won an internship here in Florida for a company called BBM Structural Engineering, its for 4 weeks this summer. I had a second possibility that a previous sponsor told me about and hooked me up with a name. Its with a company called Caylex Architectural Fabrication. However I don’t think that one worked out to well since I never got a call back.

Just look around go to some place you find interesting, could be a sponsor, you never know what will happen until you ask.


Just emailed at lady at JPL about the internships, IDK if the internships will be more like Astro Camp style, you know the highschool lab stuff, or actual hands on work or even like slave work…

I am a high school intern at Jabil Circuit in Florida. I have interned as a Manufacturing Engineer (programed pick and place machines, setup work-flows/work-cells), and as Electrical Engineer (deciding component placement on the board/basic circuit building). pays $8:50 an hour 40 hour work week during the summer, 10-20 hour work week during the school year.

I’m a junior in high school. I was offered an internship job at the Connecticut Science Center, but I can’t take it yet because I have to be 18. I will SURELY do it when I’m old enough though. It’s for marketing, which is really cool because I might be interested in it.

See? And they said FIRST was all pop rivets and duct tape.

Summer before Junior year I was an intern for Intuitive Surgical (creators of the da Vinci surgical system) working on their controls system.

Summer before Senior year I continued working on a similar project at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and NJIT and also prototyped a next gen smart phone with an HTC affiliate.

I just began my new internship as a Systems and Mechanical Engineering intern at Siemens, one of the largest companies in the world. I’m working on mechanical and controls for prototypes in their Research and Development labs. The stuff they do here is pretty intense and affects millions of lives of patients in hospitals, so I’m really really enjoying it.

Its sick, I’m learning more than I ever thought and applying more from the microcosm that is FRC than I ever imagined.

PM me if you need help with winning an internship with companies in your area.

One of the few times I will say this and genuinely mean it: Thank you, FIRST and MORT Team 11.

P.S.- Other students on our team have worked at Google, EA Games, UC Berkeley, as well as research labs affiliated with Rutgers University. We’ve also had a few NASA interns of our own down in Virginia. I know students on other well known teams who work at their respective NASA facility, Lockheed Martin, Northrup, a place called Blue Dolphin, and a bunch of others.

Best advice I can give is that don’t be afraid to show off what you know to the company or individual you are trying to impress. You are competing in a real world situation, so give it your all. Always let them know that you are there to learn.

Interning at Lake Region Medical, converting 2D models to 3D.

Through robotics I met an electrical engineer at a local company who offered me a summer internship-like job starting next week, where pretty much another buddy and I test some experimental electrical equipment and electronics for them, go through some code looking for bugs, etc. This is only one of many great things that has happened because of FIRST.

One question, would the internships be everyday type of thing or weekend or once a week type?
My summer schedules are PACKED since I have Football practice 4 hours a day with summer school

Depends on the kind of summer school.

I found it a lot more beneficial to do summer camps, academic programs, and maybe part time jobs than high school internships. You have all of college for that. You need to get pretty lucky to get them in high school.

Most of my highschool/college intern experience was a 40+ hour a week full time job. For a short time during highschool, I had a 10 hour a week afterschool internship.

Every engineering company has some sort of intern program. However, they likely are all full time things; you’ll have to decide what is more important to you.

Also, pet peeve of mine, do not say you are working as an engineer, or are an engineer, until you own a degree that tells you so.

Both last summer (between Junior/Senior Year) and this summer (after Senior Year) I have had/will have an 8-week summer internship at NASA Glenn Research Center. I’m working in the Electric Propulsion Lab with my mentor who is an electrical engineer in the testing division there. It’s pretty awesome. I still can’t believe it. I work 40 hours a week, I actually work more hours than some of the civil servants there :smiley: haha. It’s really amazing though, I gained so much knowledge last summer it was incredible! I found out about it through FIRST and the heads of the program said they really look for FIRST students!

Not to mention it’s illegal to do so in many jurisdictions, until you not only have a degree, but a licence also.

If you’re looking for internships, make sure to check out small local engineering firms. A lot of times interning at a smaller business means you can work on some of the more interesting work.

I got an internship developing an embedded vision system summer after senior year because the owner of a small electronics fab house was impressed by some of the work I’d done at a demonstration my team did.


Well, I’m a sophomore this year, going to be a junior, and I was originally looking for an internship. I got picked up at a robotics company as an employee for the summer (which includes pay) doing all the “intern jobs” and some iPad development.

My job should run 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, although many people may be flexible with their schedules (as long as your work ins’t crucial in their company). I’m also taking online courses for summer school (since I took too many math and engineering classes to get this years required courses in :), and that’s going well so far.

I also got my summer job though FIRST.

If you’re looking for an internship ask one of of your team’s sponsors. My team has had a lot of success with this in the past. 5 of our current sponsors have employed team members and we have never had any of our team members looking for a job with one of our sponsors get denied. I am currently employed close to full time over the summer making SolidWorks models for a industrial vacuum pump company, and basically designing custom applications for their pumps. All I did was ask a sponsor if for a job, and they gave it to me.

My younger brother did some work for Delphi a couple years ago when he was still in high school. That internship was arranged through contacts we had in FIRST. He worked 4 hours a day 5 days a week while going to school (this was for class credit).

I am currently a cooperative education student at a software company in Michigan. I found this job at an employment fair. I currently work 40 hours a week (minimum). This is for college credit.

Both positions were/are paid.

Quoted for great truthiness. I am not a Computer Scientist. I am currently a student studying Computer Science. To bestow upon yourself a title which you did not earn is disrespectful to those that earned it.

You are probably too late for an internship at a large company for this summer. Typically they will have structured programs that you should be applying for months in advance. Large companies will also screen based on GPA. In college a lot of them look for a 3.0 (and many a lot higher then that), I would expect it to be even higher for high school.

As others said, your best bet will be with smaller companies that you have personal contacts with, for example your team’s sponsors, your mentor’s companies, and family friends. At this level one of the main criteria will be how hard you work, so hopefully you’ve impressed your references. At a company without a structured program you could probably negotiate your hours. However if you want to do anything “real” you’re probably looking at a 40 hour week.

Also realize that a lot of employers will google you now also. Thus it’s important to make sure your online personality reflects your offline personality.

In the past members from my team have gotten internships at JPL. Our mentor from JPL would help them get the internships I think. from what I have heard from them the internships are really good.

I really do not know much else other than this because most of this happened before I was on the team. All I know is that they still offer them but nothing other that.

It’s not about luck. It’s about who you know and how determined you are to get a position with a particular company.

During first semester of my senior year of high school, I was an intern at Rolls-Royce. Their system is really competitive. There’s an application process and they only pick 6 students per semester. The experiences you gain there are invaluable, though. They rotate you through three different departments so you get a variety of experience and small projects. All but one of the students during my time there was on a FIRST team.

During second semester, I got into Allison Transmission via a mentor from my team. I’ve done a lot of organization and simple data analysis since I’ve been here. I got in the middle of a rather large project near the end of the school year, and my supervisor asked me to stay over the summer, so that’s how I’m here. It wasn’t hard to get the internship here at all.

Just a few pointers:
On your resume include a section about all that you’ve done with robotics and how that can translate into a particular company’s needs.

Remember, it’s a job. And you are the primary benefactor because in an internship, you are surrounded by highly knowledgable people. Always be respectful, and always be observant.

An internship is also very time consuming. During my last year of high school, I couldn’t participate in very many after school activities because of it, but it was well worth it, in my opinion.