Interrupts on the EDU-RC?

I have not yet slogged through all of the default code. But, on first look, it appears that the user code is running in the main loop with no timing.

So here’s the question…

Is there a loop timing routine, like an interrupt controlled timer in the default code?

Can we write interrupt modules? Say, if you want a switch to execute a particular behavior.

Interrupt driven things (timers, serial ports, edge triggered inputs) are definitely allowed. BUT Innovation First is not going to provide tech support for them.

They use interrupts to get & send the data from & to the master CPU (via the SPI bus). It is a pretty quick process (.4mseconds) when compared to the old serin/serout format.

Anyway, you can do many many many more time critical tasks with the new controller.

We’ve all got the power… …now what are we going to do with it?

Good luck to us all…

Joe J.

I am a noob to C and don’t quite have a grasp on how the interrupts programming will work can some one please post an example code of like an interrupt timer (555 circuit) or something like that.

I don’t have a ton of time as my wife has just announced she is going to bed (implied: I better join her)… …but… the basic idea of interrupts is that it is code that is run out of the normal flow of a program.

So, when a pin changes from 0 to 1 or when a counter that is running in the background flips from hex $FFFF to hex $0000 or when a byte comes in via the serial data line or whatever, some special code can be run.

Usually in C this code is defined via a pragma statement.

Out of time… …more later.

Joe J.