I was looking at the robot controller reference guide and did not notice any information about interrupts, when looking at the default code it still has the interrupt handler but there are no references to external interrupts. So my question is, are there external interrupts on the new controller or just the internal timer ones?


INT0 and INT1 are being used by FIRST.

INT2 = Dig I/O pin 1
INT3 = Dig I/O pin 2
RB4 = Dig I/O pin 3
RB5 = Dig I/O pin 4
RB6 = Dig I/O pin 5
RB7 = Dig I/O pin 6

Can you please tell me were you obtained this info.

It was discussed in this thread. You can also have a look at ifi_aliases.h to see that the port b interrupts are mapped to the digital I/Os mentioned above.