Intertube inflation?

Ive heard rumors from different teams that the tubes are not fully inflated. Are the tubes supposed to be fully inflated and if not how much should they be?

Rumors are just that, rumors. FIRST will be inflating the inner tubes to a specified size, plus or minus a bit, according to Section 6.3 of the manual:

The GAME PIECES are toroidal tubes made of inflatable plastic. When inflated, each GAME
PIECE is approximately 32 inches across the outer diameter. Each toroid has an inner diameter of
approximately 13 inches, and a height of approximately 9-1/2 inches. There are three types of
GAME PIECES used in the game.

never mind - Billfred beat me to it!

Our team, as well as several others asked this question on the FIRST Q&A, here were some of the responses from the GDC:

What happened to the 2PSI thing that I read about I believe in the manual?

AT the FTA training the proper care and feeding of tubes was discussed. Each field is shipped with four ac powered inflaters and a custom made ‘fill’ tube. They also ship a plywood fixture for ‘sizing’ the tube. The idea is to inflate the tube until it is just ‘snug’ in the fixture. The fixture looks like the letter ‘U.’

Bottom line is there will be some variation in the inflation pressure - so deal with it.

You should expect the tubes to be anywhere from fully inflated to completely deflated, they will be still considered live, scorable pieces in pretty much ANY state of inflation.