I was told that there was a really good paper in interupts. Could anyone point me to that?

Also, any docu about how to use/write to EEPROM would be much appriciated!

Ultamently i want to create a command line interface for my robot. This will be complete with the ability to tweak settings and perhaps script autonomous code on the fly. A status screen would also be very nice but for that i would need to understand how VT100 works.

I have EEPROM code that works with the robot controllers. A version that will work with the 2004/2005 controllers can be found here: I’ll release a version for the 2006 controller soon (It’s done, but I want to do some testing).

Well, the new camera menuing code should give you some ideas.

From camera_readme.txt:

Since the IFI terminal is somewhat restrictive, you might
consider using one of the free high quality terminal emulators
available. TeraTerm Pro ([]( and
PuTTY ([]( are
a few examples. If you dive into the existing code or create 
your own custom menus (as I hope you will), you might consider
writing code that will exploit the capabilities of a good
terminal emulator. To get started, do a google search on the
phrase "terminal escape codes".


Yes, teraterm is a must. The IFI terminal is kinda lame.

Kevin: Have you written any docu on interupts?

Maybe you’re referring to this one, Interrupts for Dummies.

No, but Dan Katanski did some time back. Here’s a link:

You’ll find my interrupt template code for the 2004/2005 controller here: It should work just fine with the 2006 controller, but I haven’t tried compiling interrupts.c/.h for the new controller so your mileage may vary.


Thanks, all that looks great!