Interview 101

Last minute by today I have a interview around 1:00 and I wanted to know what I should do and what I should NOT do. Anyone got a tips/suggestions?

“dress to impress”- Wear some nice clothes, but not over the top…
“speak english”- Keep the g on the end of words…makes you sound smart lol
“greet with a frim handshake”- I heard in a middle school class it gains trust in your skills.

If you tell me what place you are having an interview at that would help…lol

it for a college-level tobacco mentorship program

tigertrons post number, woo, who

Yeah, dress in like a collared shirt and khakis, if you have them, if not wear the nicest pants you have. Just mainly use common sense, don’t make any comments that might be found “inappropriate”.

Be confident. If you look like you’re unsure of yourself they’ll be unsure of you too, and pick someone who is more sure of themself.

Some customer at work today was complaining she was so tired, because she stayed up til 3 am to help her 15 year old daughter prepare for a job interview. At a grocery store.

Don’t do that.

Some oddball questions I’ve been asked at interviews are:

“What was the last book you read? What was your favorite part?”

“What’s your favorite song and why?”

“Tell me the best experience you had with a customer at a former job.”

“Quick - what’s thirty divided by three?” (In the middle of something else)

“What was the name of the first pet you ever had? How old were you?”

Depending on what you’ll be doing on the job, be prepared to do a basic skills test (math, organizing, alphabetizing, filing, typing, etc)

Overall, dress well, get some sleep the night before, eat a good meal before you go and don’t put too much stress on yourself to have “the perfect interview” - no interview is ever perfect! Also, it helps to have your social security card and driver’s license handy, in case you get the job right away.

Good luck!!

EYE CONTACT!!! - Imo if you greet them with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact, it helps you stay more focused and makes the interviewer trust you.

Becuase it if for a mentorship, I try and find out what thier dress code is, and match it. Usually Business Casual, Button Down shirt and nice pants. I usually go for the long sleeved button down and my decent suit pants, with a belt AND dress shoes.

Mostly it’s basic How to Make Friends and Influence People stuff:

Show up 5 - 15 min early, but not earlier and absolutely not late;
Remember to breathe;
Make eye contact;
Repeat the other person’s name when you meet (“Glad to meet you Fred”);
Listen well. Avoid interrupting - a person who mostly listens will make a better impression than one who talks alot;
Ask questions - even “dumb” ones (no such thing, yada) show you’re interested;
Make sure you get your interviewer(s) contact info before you leave (“May I call you if I have any questions?”, “May I have your business card?”), and then be sure to send a note of thanks to your main contact, and also to any others who seemed to take interest in you. These days email is accepted, but I still like to send a snail mail followup to the main contact;

Good luck!

Interview when good yesterday, arrive 15 mins late but it was ok. I should find out by the end of next week if I recieve the job or not.

Hey, for everyone to know

I did not recieve the position but its OK because I am going to stay involve in the program but helping in the county program. Hey it also gives me more time to be involve with FIRST ROBOTICS AND MY TEAM, so thats a good thing.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Okay i have a question related but not exactly the same (it works with the subject so i figured i might as well…)

I’m going to an interview for a college sometime soon and I wanted to know what the standard is to where. My mom said nonsleeve is out of the question and i heard black is a no-no. Sometimes i’ve heard to wear a business suit and sometimes i’ve heard “no way!” Basically I’m confused. Anyone care to shed light on this subject? Much thanks.

I know at Queen’s the standard is business casual unless otherwise indicated; but, depending on where you’re going that may be different. If they haven’t said anything, though, business casual is generally a good thing to assume (though it is, unfortunately, a bit of a range in itself).

…but, at Queen’s there’s technically no dress code for anyone (staff/students/faculty) even though some departments (e.g. Physical Plant Services) have uniforms people don’t have to wear them and most people don’t always do so. So, I’m not entirely sure if we’re a typical situation or not.

I would say a nice skirt and blouse never hurt anyone. They are usually not so interested in your dress but how you present yourself, so make sure you feel comfortable (especially with shoe choices, I wouldn’t want to be tottering on heels!). Good luck! :slight_smile:

In the way of college admissions interviews, I suggest that you wear something comfortable. In the way of solid advice though, I can’t offer too much. I wore a nice collared shirt and a good pair of cargo pants. One of my very good friends wore a business suit to all of her interviews. Both of us, I am sure, will go to a college. Therefore, casual is good, business is good, so choose whatever you feel will let you best concentrate on the interview.
The key to the whole process, if there exists such a thing, is confidence.

dont look down when you are talking lol ahhh I had so many interviews these past like 3 weeks and everytime the manager asked me a question i would look down like i would never look him straight in the eyes when i answered a question :cool: hmmm and dont chew gum! and dress nice thats always a must…even if you are going for an interview at mcdonalds or whatever.

For college, I’ve found that the middle of the road seems to work best. Wear everything of the suit except for the jacket itself. A nice, button down shirt paired with a skirt or nice slacks (I would suggest a tie, for the men…and nothing too nuts: I have a friend who owns a tie from a series designed in the spirit of Beatles songs…it has “HELP!” written in huge letters all over it. That’s something I would not suggest.). Conservative accessories. And turn your cell phone off!

This way you’re not over the top but you’re still aiming to make a good impression. Of course, be comfortable with the clothes you’re wearing. If they’re going to not let you in because you didn’t wear a jacket, then it’s probably a place you wouldn’t want to be at anyway.

You might think about this for a college interview (maybe it would work for a job interview, too):

Look at the college’s brochures. They always show happy, intelligent-looking students. Look at the pictures on the front cover, or in other prominent places. The college’s marketing department should be projecting the image of the kind of student they want.

Now, look at what those students are wearing, and the attitude they’re projecting. I think if you go about one step more conservative, you’ll probably be dressed correctly.

Don’t forget about hair, makeup, jewelry, and accessories. Even if the college doesn’t care how many body piercings and hair colors you have, such items could be distracting. Above all, your attire should draw the eye towards your face–unless you want the interviewer to be paying attention to some other part of your body. :o

Here are some college websites. They actually don’t have a lot of photos. Some of them cycle through several photos, so you may have to reload the pages a few times to arrive at a picture that shows the students.

This campus actually shows male students wearing ties, even coats. The female students are required to wear dresses or skirts. I think this would be considered a very conservative campus.

This campus appears a little more casual.
This campus is also casual–look for the fashionable eyewear. :wink:

And now, a corporate website.

I never thought of it that way – thanks, that really helps =).

Hey all, same idea, seperate question for a thread I made after experiencing yet another interview this week:
Replies appreciated. Thanks!