Intrest in Another Competition?

Hi. I am the mentor of a 2005 rookie team and we want to host a competition this summer. We are looking to see if other teams would be interested in competing. The competition would be held in early to mid august in Albion, MI. We will design a new game, however it won’t be as complicated as a FIRST game. We want this to be a relatively low cost event, so registration per team will be no more than $50. Most interesting about our competition, is the range of teams that can participate. We will allow any of the following to compete.
-Any current FIRST veteran team
-Any current or future FIRST rookie team
-Undergraduate college students in teams of four

There are many more details, however that is the jist of it. We are just looking for interest. We have a lot of cool things planned if we can get teams interested.


michigan!!! yes! i’m interested! and where’s albion?? as long as its close enough to farmington hills, i would love to compete.

Sounds like a great idea. My team won’t be able to participate as we are in Ohio and I don’t have enough influence to make them spend money on travel. :slight_smile: I’d join if it weren’t for that. Hope you get enough people to make it work.

If you can spend the money to get here, we might be able to get the college to let teams from far away use the dorms for free. You’d have to bring sleeping bags and stuff, but if they would let us use the dorms there’s enough rooms for about 30 teams. The whole dorm thing is a big maybe though.

Albion is just west of Jackson, probably about an hour to an hour and a half drive. I’m from troy (going to college at albion) so I go by farmington hills on my way home. The drive isn’t that bad.