Intro to FIRST-A-Holics-Anonymous!

Well, in the last month or so, I’ve now seen 2 phony accounts created (which, no matter what reason, is against forum rules) for this purpose, so let’s remind people of this resource.

FIRST-a-holics-Anonymous is a section of CD created solely for this purpose! You create your post, but instead of illegally creating a false account, you send your message to the person in charge of FAHA. (whom I believe at present is Ken Leung) This way, you can take care of issues without causing the moderators the trouble of shutting down your thread and account and the rest of us the trouble of reporting you for violating forum rules. It’s still anonymous, Ken doesn’t post any names, just situations.

So, this is an official invite to everyone to use FAHA instead of creating phony accounts. Works much better!

Unfortunately, the FIRST-A-Holics-Anonymous mailbox is closed. See this post:

It certainly seems like there is a need for it to return…

Right when I wanted to discuss a tesseract-style lift too …

Ah ha!

I receive a PM from Ken this morning:

Hi Beth,

I am glad you started that thread about FIRST-a-holic anonymous mailbox. The reason I have not been able to revive it is I haven’t found someone to take it over. I will be glad to transfer that responsibility onto someone who is willing to do the work.

Unfortunately I am swamped with CalGames and other things, and won’t have time to make an announcement about this. I am hopping you will be kind enough to rely my message in that thread and announce that I am looking for someone to take over the FIRST-a-holic Anonymous Mailbox.

Those interested can PM me about it.

Much appreciated.

-Ken L

Ken can be contacted via this link

…Thats what I said on the first topic that had this problem but everyone just shrugged… If you REALLY want people to use it, you will need somebody to take it over, something I have been trying to have fixed for that past few months.


Due to popular demand, we will hopefully have it going in the next week or so. Stay tuned.