Intro to Motion Profiling & Path Following

Hello! My team programs in python and I have recently been wanting to learn more about motion profiling. I figured this was a good place to start compiling a list of resources I could use to learn. (I do have a year of AP Calc AB under my belt and am currently taking BC.)

What resources does your team use for path generation? Also, to dive into the specifics, I of course understand the concept of PID but have yet to get an opportunity to implement it – any suggestions for places to start?

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If you haven’t already, check out the new 2020 documentation(there’s not as much python support for frc, but you can see how implementation is for Java/C++). One of the easiest ways to start PID is with a simple positional controller using the drivetrain encoders-- for example, moving the robot forward x feet by counting encoders(distance/wheel circumference*encoder counts per rotation) and tuning it to be as quick and accurate as possible.

If you’re thinking about Pathfinder-style motion profiling, there’s a RobotPy example program that does that:

You can expect the 2020 WPILib changes to make it into RobotPy, but that work has not been completed so there’s nothing to see yet.

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Try this 254 talk for an overview of PID/etc, and information on motion planning.

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