Introducing 1086 Blue Cheddar

This is our pneumatic hurdler for the 2008 FRC game Overdrive.
We are fully capable of hurdling the ball over the rack as well as knocking the ball off during hybrid mode.

Here’s a video of us hurdling with our twin, team 384’s Sparky 9.0

Another of our ball “knocker offer”

Again, Deep Run and Tucker put together two great looking robots. We saw you hurdling over the weekend and it was impressive. The “popper” is a new addition. Is it always extended to that height or can you retract it after you get the ball down?

the “popper” or KO (Knocker Offer) doesn’t come back down, but it flexes enough that we can drive right under the over pass. If we drive too fast, the KO doesn’t knock the ball off, so we can travel under opponents balls and not knock it off. It is powered with surgical tubing and we have two grenade pins that keep it in place in the beginning.

how did you think of using surgical tubing

well, we didn’t have the weight for another motor, so we had to think of something to get the arm up. Surgical tubing is something we have never used on the robot before, but we are always playing with it and it seemed like the best spring that we had around.

how are you releasing the tube?

:cool: We are using a grenade pen on our lifter so when it goes down the KO (knocker offer) goes up:cool: