Introducing A New Resource: CollegiateFIRST

How many threads have been posted in the last few months alone about colleges in FIRST, which college has which team, etc.? How many times do we hear about aspects of FIRST with college emphasis? Didn’t Dean give us some specific homework for the past few years? I sought out to bring FIRST a clear, concise database of colleges, teams, and scholarships available in the FIRST program-- essentially everything you need to know to research and narrow down your college options. brings you so much more. Find a scholarship you are eligible for, while checking out that college’s location and what team they work with. Find the money, find the school, find the team. Do it all in one place. We’ve done the research for you.

Pictures are still being added, along with more extensive information about every college. New features that will be implemented after the 2005 season include interactive maps, past scholarship information, team award information, and even a Who’s Who guide to FIRSTers that attend that college/are on that team/have won that scholarship.
So go on. What are you waiting for? Feel free to plan out your future.

CollegiateFIRST needs to thank:
Joel Johnson, database designer and website maintenance
David Kelly, for donating server space
Team Hammond #71, for their input of information and materials

What plans have been made to allow this to survive? BuzzU and FIRSTconnect have both fallen by the wayside.

While a good idea, I don’t want to see it go to waste.

Also, everything is squished to the right. Firefox 1.0 in Win XP at 1280x960.
Also, you need to add VCU to the list. We sponsor a regional, and have student mentors on ~10 teams, but didn’t make the list. :frowning:


Seems like everything is squeezed to the left.

thanks looks to be a great resource the only comment i have is you might want to check the page with firefox because it appears screwed up. i also think that maybe a section on the site to connect college students on teams might be a nice resource as well to bring our community together as well as a way for current High school students to talk to students at the colleges they are applying to. great work to all who were involved in this project and if you need any help don;t be afraide to ask

Excellent! Hopefully in a year or two we can add some Brazilian universities to that site - I’ll try! :wink:
One note, though - Firefox didn’t like it, showing a nice blank page with a very small portion of the screen with actual site content. Works and looks great on IE, though! :slight_smile:

I’m not having that problem, but I can’t open the scholarship PDFs

This is a great resource! I’m going to use it in my search for scholarships!

It was all squished to the right at first on Firefox 1.0.1, but then it went normal size. Odd, or a heck of a fast update.

Either way, I do hope this keeps going.

On some browsers you may have to do the equivalent of “Save target as…”

Works great on FF 1.0.1 running XP at 1280x1024. For anyone that it’s not working for, try reloading it to the cache (shift+refresh). Very nice source, should come in handy when I’m a senior.

Team 71 has offered to keep the information updated for the next three years. I am currently working on other reassurances.

I fully anticipated this happening. Since currently the only way to obtain all of this information (short of asking every team) is to view the TIMS system, the students went state by state, country by country, team by team to find this information. While it is possible that some teams simply do not have their colleges on their TIMS name, it’s also possible that a team was overlooked (as some of the names are abbreviated).

If this happens to anyone else, please use the Contact Us form on the site.

Amanda, Joel and David,

This is an awesome and professional looking resource. The ease of obtaining all the information need to apply to a college and the respective scholarship is amazing. I know I would have loved to have this resource when looking for a college four years ago (Kinda scary that its been that long). Back then there was Buzz U. which was a good starting resource and the first of its kind. However, because this site includes the level of incorporation between the university applications, scholarship applications and associated teams this site will be widely used as the “” of college searches for FIRST kids. Knowing Amanda’s amazing efforts at everything she does and Joel’s excellent website designing abilities, I can’t wait to see the post season additions to the already great site. Well done!


Great, great site. its easy to navigate and stuff, not to mention looks very professional. hope it sticks around.

When Amanda first came to me about this proposed new resource site, I knew that I had to jump on it. As a college student, I know that there is not a reliable resource for this information in FIRST. The site hopefully will one day have any and all information related to colleges that support FIRST and beyond.

It’s amazing to see where Joel, Amanda, and Team Hammond have brought the site in this time, I can only get excited about the future for it. I think this is a welcome resource and I hope that everybody will give good suggestions and use it.

Nice work Amanda, Joel, and Team Hammond. Now, just don’t crash my server. :wink:

This site rocks this is going to be a great resource for all of FIRST

  • amanda’s family,friends and loved ones told me to say this cause they forgot her name or somthing *