Introducing Fabworks | Fast, Affordable, Laser Cutting ✂️

Hey everyone :wave:

Many of you know me as the lead mentor of team 4414 HighTide. I started the team back in 2018 out of my family’s 42-year-old sheet metal manufacturing facility. HighTide has always been very fortunate to leverage the awesome equipment here at the shop, and today I’m excited to announce a new platform that will give teams access to the same machines.

Fabworks, formerly Sessa Manufacturing, is an online platform for on-demand sheet metal manufacturing. We offer instant pricing, small minimums, free shipping, and a 1-3 day lead time on laser cutting. We are fully operational and taking orders!

Fabworks is:

  • The fastest way that most teams can laser cut parts
  • Extremely cost-competitive to other online laser-cutting services
  • Run by FRC Mentors and Alum who care about helping you make the best robots possible

Fabworks is NOT:

  • A FRC specific business, but we have you all covered
  • Done growing and iterating, we have a long way to go still
  • The cheapest way for teams to get laser-cut parts (local sponsorships are still powerful)

Here is a screenshot of the platform quoting some of team 4414’s parts. We have tailored our pricing algorithm to not punish holes and lightning as much as other competing platforms, meaning lighten away!


Here are some photos of some parts we have made for FRC teams during our pilot program.

0.250" 6061-T6

0.060" 6061-T6

0.250" 6061-T6

0.090" 5052-H32

Some limitations we are looking to improve upon:

  • Adding support for more file types
  • Support for units other than inches
  • More premium unboxing experience
  • Live order tracker, see production progress
  • More website content, tutorials, and best practices

We have several other sheet metal services we are quickly integrating into the platform.

  • More Materials
  • Bending
  • Tapping, Counter sinks, Hardware
  • Painting and Coatings

We are always happy to manually quote these on an as-needed basis.

We are still flushing out what our exact FRC sponsorship will be and will have some more information in the summer, for now, feel free to use code 2023Champs at checkout for an additional 10% off until the end of the month.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our roadmap here. If you come across any issues with your files being properly analyzed, please upload them to the chatbot on the website.

We care so much for this community and cannot wait to see the amazing things everyone creates!


Thank you,
JJ Sessa
President | Fabworks
Lead Mentor | Team 4414


Almost all of the 1/8 plates on 7461’s robots were made by fabworks. Super fast and convenient and integrated with our workflow well (saving us a ton of time). The parts feel nice and they kinda just work without any more post processing, and its surprisingly affordable once considering in house material costs/material loss/machining effort.



(@afreakingbear :eyes:)


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@jjsessa how much would a belly pan like the one pictured cost? For a team like mine with OMIO x8’s, our limit is generally larger parts like bellypans which we’ve traditionally had to split into several parts.


HighTide Belly pan for 2 robots.


Send Cut Send:


This is awesome.


Is there a possibility of doing square tube stock?

Also what are the capabilities of painting/coating and cost? (would it include said tube)

looking forward for .25" and .375" 1008 mild steel.

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This is somewhere in our roadmap, but not anytime soon:


Noted, .25" should come shortly but .375"+ is still a work in progress for a reliable competitive material vendor.


Baller! Been following you guys on social media and didn’t know it was a rebrand of Sessa. We’ll absolutely be using you guys for laser parts in the future. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help spread the word! You guys are too pro!


What do you mean not anytime soon? That machine is “the machine that’s always worth it” :wink:


How does shipping pricing work?
And are there any plans to release guides on how to best price optimize our parts for the service?

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This is really incredible, just put an order in and got about 3x the number of parts vs. sendcutsend for a similar price point.

Will definitely use this going forward, thanks for posting to let us all know. Teams should definitely be using this service!


It’s relatively straightforward and driven off of:

  • area of the largest contour (a large ring will consider the center drop part of the cost)
  • cut length
  • total number of cuts

We have several knobs and variables that affect these such as our acquisition cost of material, and a markup on area that approximates shipping into the pricing, but overall we tried to keep the pricing very linear and predictable. You do not need to rotate your part to different orientations or anything like that to get better pricing.

If your looking to cost optimize a few things to try:

  • split your part up if you have a large amount of void space in the center of your part.
  • try 2x qty of a thinner material, there are several break points where the laser becomes exponentially slower and it’s faster for us to run 2x of something thin.
  • Reduce area, cut length, and number of cuts in that order. We punish number of cuts far less than other laser cutting services out there and it’s why frc parts with 200x .196 hole’s typically price affordability in our software.

This is awesome!

We typically have a local sponsor laser a bulk run of our parts but struggle going back to them when we just want that one 0.25 plate re-cut with slightly different dimensions in the middle of competition season.

This is a great in between option where we can still get lasered parts, at a reasonable price, without bugging our sponsor 4 additional times a year for small individual parts.


Huge thanks to everyone that filled out our feedback form. We got lots of great input and were able to quickly implement several of the most requested features.

We would still love to hear from everyone, your feedback will help drive the next stages of development. Fill it out here

Overnight Shipping starting at $39

Faster shipping options were by far our most popular request. Overnight shipping is available for orders under ~150lbs and starts at $39.

Metric Units

You can now switch individual parts from in to mm.


Compatibility With Solidworks EDU Files

Had several people run into issues when uploading watermarked solidworks edu files, everything should be uploading correctly now. The watermark will show in the preview but is ignored from the pricing calc.



An OnShape “order now” plugin would not only be dope but net you a lot of customers.


As someone who went through just about every single one of these platforms a month ago, things that are nice to see are the ability to see full price (shipping) without having to go through a hundred checkout menus, and an easy way to use one design, and compare slight modifications in the specifics, such as easily comparing the price difference between two materials, or thicknesses, etc.


I’d love to support you guys, but no shipping to Canada?