Introducing Fantasy FRC for Minnesota North Star @ La Crosse Regional

Fantasy First is a side project l have been working on and it will have it’s pilot regional at North Star @ La Crosse! In Fantasy First players draft an alliance of 6 teams of varying EPA and battle it out to win it all! Fantasy First is a scouting game with the intention of making everyone’s regional experience, and practice day just a little more fun. It encourages students (and Mentors!) to scout and learn about almost every robot in pursuit of finding that perfect alliance.

Like all Fantasy teams, however, one cannot just pick the top 6 teams and call it a day. Instead, players must pick robots in different tiers based on the EPA (Expected Points Added) model, pioneered by (The EPA Model: A Gentle Introduction - Statbotics). Each entry can have one robot of any EPA, one robot with an EPA lower than 45, two robots with EPA lower than 35, and two robots with EPA lower than 25. This ensures that all teams must be carefully considered before making picks–finding the diamond 24th overall pick in the rough can make or break an entry. EPAs for this event can be found here, or in the “Statbotics EPA RAW” tab of the team creator spreadsheet.

Scores are calculated based on a modified Districts Points System – points are earned for qual match ranking, order in which drafted, and how far an alliance makes it into playoffs. Playoff points have been modified such that the alliances tied for 6th earn 5 points, 4th earns 15, 3rd earns 20, 2nd earns 25, and 1st earns 30 points. The total points from all teams in an entry are then added together for a final score.

The team creator can be found and copied here, and for those interested, a cloned backend without API keys entered in the apps script can be found here. The form to enter will close when I wake up the morning of Qualification Matches (Saturday), so make sure to get your entries in before then! Updates on standings will be emailed out after the first day of qualifications, as well as after Alliance Selections.

The form to enter an alliance can be found here. Best of luck to all who enter!


Update! It seems that 5172 and 9256 have dropped the event, but the blue alliance and statbotics do not have that reflected yet. A few people have chosen team 5172 in selection, so let me know with an alternate pick and I can swap that out for you.

Running the first event at North Star @ La Crosse went great! Congratulations to @KingOfDemise
for winning it all! I don’t have school this Thursday and Friday, so I’ll be able to run it again at 10,000 Lakes regional! (and I’m not competing this time so hopefully score updates will be more frequent!)

This event will have a few rule changes as opposed to North Star @ La Crosse:
Due to the EPAs of teams attending the events, the EPA of each pick tier has changed to:

1st Team: Any EPA
2nd Team:EPA < 45
3rd Team:EPA < 35
4th Team: EPA < 25
5th Team: EPA < 25
6th Team: EPA < 20

(Essentially one <35 EPA tier has been converted to a <20 EPA tier allowing for more robots to be viable to be chosen)

The sign up link and rules can once again be found here!

The link to 10,000 lake’s statbotics page can be found here.

Good luck, and have fun!

As a side note, it seems that I will be attending champs without my team after winning DLF, so I will hopefully be able to run this in each of the divisions! (which may be a full time job managing in itself haha)


Also – if anyone would like to donate small potential prizes, that would be great! (I’m sure it would incentivize more entries) – At the very least at this event there will be a trophy 3D printed by me for the winner.

It is.

–former Season Long Fantasy FIRST Commissioner–the league is active on Discord.


I’ll Venmo $10 to the first place winner (assuming somebody beats me which is unlikely). Sponsored by COR Robotics.


sounds like you’re still not over coming in 17th out of 22 entries at North Star :rofl: (although to be fair, you entered before 5172 dropped which deleted that team)

On a more serious note, thank you so much for adding to the prize pool!

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I already owe @Ryan_Swanson $20 for a bad fantasy bet, so let’s throw more money after it. I’ll match Ryan’s $10 with $10 more.


And the results are in for Fantasy FIRST at the 10,000 lakes regional! Congratulations to Michael from Team 2450 to winning!


Thanks for running this!

I like those rankings better when you zoom in a bit… @pntbll1313 @hutchMN

Maybe I’m not the best scout, but a lot of my friends kicked your butt :wink:


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